The Journey Towards The Center Of Yourself To Inner Wisdom

connect with higher selfNo news is good news the headlines shout in utter shock. What we’re constantly bombarded with by the media, is the pain that’s suffered in the world around us. What we see are things that we deeply want to heal and change. Most of these are beyond our control, our immediate influence that we’re somehow hoping to change.

But digress. There’s one thing that we can change, and that’s our relationship with ourselves. We can look deep within, and discover the truth of who we really are. Once doing so, we’re then moving beyond our personality, our limitations. The world around us then begins to transform.

Contagious radiant joy and love emerges. Getting to know your Higher Self isn’t religious mumbo-jumbo that you worship on Sunday morning, but a powerful loving way of moving closer towards healing and self-realization.

What the Higher Self knows and can reveal is everything about us, our past, our dreams, our personality, what our future holds, our eternity. The lessons we’ve learned, the ones we’re about to, our potential.

Just imagine a clearer more concise vision, having the knowledge and the security of knowing that the choices that you make on a daily basis, are only for your benefit.

Allow It To Guide You
Once we face challenges, move in and out of difficulties, most often, we feel isolated, lonely, or misunderstood by others. Once allowing your Higher Self to get involved in your everyday life, you’ll feel loved, nurtured, and completely understood.

Your Higher Self will always be there for you, this in a way that no one else, any other human is capable of doing. It will give you the attention and the guidance that you need. Always grateful, with your highest “good” in mind, guiding you towards unlimited abundance.

As we evolve, we at times find our personality isn’t enough to support this newly found, expanded and fortunate self. We sense the potential of a true prosperous future, as our old thinking patterns no longer gives us the guidance we need to transform our lives.

We need newer more brighter ways of finding our way, this through the daily reality of living, this in a way which supports our newly found ever expanding dreams.

The Higher Self speaks on behalf of the soul, becoming your best friend, immediately with insight, helping you with the challenges of everyday living.

Soul Communication
Our Higher Self becomes our navigator, allowing us to have deeper relationships with others. Problems which were previously unsolvable, those conflicted dysfunctions, can now be healed and the issues resolved.

The love connection which exists between the souls then transcends beyond personal differences. The Higher Self knows and sees all opportunities for growth, allowing yourself to utilize your experiences, this in a more loving joyful way.

This deeper, more expansive communion with the self, then becomes the most powerful and direct way to access and activate your ability to help you with all of your decisions, the choices you make.

The experience is also profoundly intimate and exquisitely beautiful. More intimate than any human relationship. There’s no one who can possibly know you better, or love you more than yourself, the soul that you came on this earth with.

To Find Your Soul Mate
This intimacy with our Higher Self is a solo trek. So we have the innate longing, this in our quest to feel complete, to search for and find our “soul mate.” To find our destined other half, the other person who was created for you, this from the beginning of life.

The one that you were meant to be with. Realize that you’re now ready and able to taste, feel, touch, and know that union. Finally, what appears is the everlasting love that you’ve been seeking, one which transcends your human existence.

Look deep into their eyes and see the truth, the love that’s reflecting back at you, and then you realize that this person has been with you all along, perhaps in a previous life.


Your hearts open, as you instantly feel the trust which comes from this eternal commitment. As your souls collide, allow yourself to become embraced by this feeling of love, this bright light.

Feel the strength, the power and the beauty flowing through you. Your heart knows the truth, as it’s your Higher Self speaking to you.

Embrace The Flow
Allow your heart to rule you. Allow it to flow and then embrace you. A deep trust and recognition then arises, a deja-vu, as the energy from your soul fills your heart.

You know that this connection is familiar, you’ve felt it before, this from the light, from the source. Secret memories are now suddenly renewed. You finally feel the warmth of safety.

Listen to your heart, that’s your soul talking to you. They’re always words of encouragement, lessons of truth, love, and hope. They’re gentle flowing soothing phrases, which draws you in.

Feel how delighted this old soul is to see you again, radiating only magnificent colors and brilliant lights. It’s been waiting for you, waiting for this reunion, waiting to merge with you again.

You Just Know
Ask yourself how long you’ve been seeking this moment. How many times you’ve been forced to compete. The years of separation fades away, as you experience the ecstasy of true love once again. Now you can rest in peace, as you found yourself.

To find your true self in this way, is the most precious gift that the universe can offer. The heart opens, the healing accelerates, life once again becomes more loving.

The world around you begins to change. Discovering this self love and true happiness, needs not be difficult. It starts with gratitude.