The Top 10 Best Conversation Starters To Breaking The Ice

There’s a misconception that knowing what to say after “Hello,” is only reserved for the shy, aloof, or the introverts. The truth being that the egotistical motormouth can at times often run out of things to say, or ideas to speak of when initiating a discussion. More often than not, icebreakers can be used to kick start an event or a meeting, whenever someone is attempting to conduct a discussion with a complete stranger, or someone from the opposite sex. It’s effectiveness begins with how comfortable and confident you are. Starting a conversation isn’t always easy, unless you have ways to break the ice.

10. First Admit The Awkward Silence

After the pleasantries, the introductions and the initial small chitchat, what then overtakes is the embarrassing and certainly the uncomfortable moment once everyone stops talking, as the room or table becomes awkwardly silent. The best thing you can do is light up the mood by making everyone aware of the silence. It’s the opportune time to crack a funny yet appropriate joke, or talk about the weather. What doing so does is evaporates the awkwardness, while stemming new topics of discussion.

9. Talk About Favorite Movies

Movies can be a fire starter for conversation, as everyone has their favorites. Similar to musical taste, asking someone about their favorite actor, genre, the last movie that they saw, their impressions of the movie they’ve just watched, is an excellent way of getting a conversation going. Just make sure that the setting is appropriate.

8. Comment About The Immediate Surroundings

What any party or event has is a setting, perhaps an impressive ambience, so you can break the ice by starting a conversation with someone by making a comment regarding the immediate surroundings. More often than not, just an observational comment on the interior design, or a quick comment about the food should be enough to initiate a conversation.