Common Everyday Foods You Should Avoid Before Working Out

foods to avoid pre-workoutWe all decide to workout, exert, go to the gym, go running or biking to get fit, to get buff or slim. We also do so as efficiently and quickly as possible, to get our exercise regimen in, so we can get on with our busy day. To maximize this, we fuel our body with foods that we think will give us the best energy to perform.

We realize that it’s impossible to squeeze out a good workout without having the proper fuel, as what results are sore tired fatigued muscles. Realize that all foods aren’t created equal, as there are certain types that we assume are healthy, which may actually set back our energy or workout plans.

There’s a list of food items, which we think are beneficial for us and will give us energy, but instead should be avoided, this at all costs. This if you’re wanting a safe and productive incident free workout.

There are certain type of foods which can lead to muscle cramping, stomach discomfort, and loss of energy, resulting in a hazardous workout session.

Avoid Avocados
Avocados are a well known all round health food, so as a result has become a staple in ones diet in recent years.

There are excellent reasons for this, as they’re high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats. But these ingredients are the precise reasons why eating avocados before a workout might be a bad idea.

The reason being, eating anything that’s high in fat such as avocados, can make you feel lethargic, as studies confirm eating high-fat foods can do is reduce energy levels, making it difficult to find the motivation to burn calories and build stronger muscles.

No To Yogurt
Yogurt is considered another healthy snack, as it has stores of protein, fiber, along with probiotic content, which keeps the digestive system and gut functioning to perfection.

But yogurt’s also a dairy food, which can present potential problems when it comes to your workout. Even if you’re not that sensitive to dairy, it can lead towards stomach discomfort and cramping.

So what most fitness experts recommend is to avoid yogurt until after you finish your workout. But if you insist that you need your fix of yogurt, make sure that its at least several hours before the workout begins.

Energy Smoothies
Smoothies containing fruits and vegetables are excellent breakfast options, as what they contain are fiber and protein that’s needed to get you through the morning. But if you’re going for a morning workout, having a smoothie beforehand, may not always be the best option.

One reason is that they’re too quickly digested, which means that once you have a smoothie a couple hours before your workout, your energy might already be running on empty by the time you get to the gym.

Also, most smoothies contain fiber, which can potentially result in gut discomfort, this especially if you happen to be using milk as the base. Then you might begin to feel a bit of stomach queasiness, as your workout intensifies.

Say No To Protein Bars
Protein bars are always recommended to be eaten after a workout. The reason why they’re not the best preferred source of energy before working out, is because most of them contain high amounts of sugar, which can result in an energy plummet during the workout.

Most of them are also high in protein while being low in carbohydrates, which results in they not providing the energetic fuel that you need while working out.

If you’re wanting the best type of convenient food to consume before hitting the gym, then look for energy bars which are loaded with whole grains and natural sources of sugar, such as pure honey. There are energy bars which are specifically designed for this purpose.

Ban Candy And Chocolate Bars
We’ve seen ads where the chocolate bar manufacturer will push their particular product, claiming that it can give you the energy for a prolonged vigorous workout.


Although that’s partially true, that once you consume foods which are high in carbohydrates and sugar, that doing so will give you bursts of energy which helps you to exercise for longer.

But the problem with snacks such as cheap chocolate bars, is they come with a guaranteed sugar crash. This then leaves you stranded and often too tired to continue your workout.

Instead, what’s recommended is slower burning fuel such as an energy bar or whole grain cereals which contain natural sugar, which will regulate your energy better.

Avoid Soda Pop
We all drink soda as it’s tasty, while knowing its bad for us. This is especially a bad choice of beverage before a workout.

The reason because its loaded with empty sugar, which results in a nasty sugar crash. Soda is also carbonated, which potentially upsets the stomach, often shortening the workout.

So to properly hydrate before workouts, the best solution is water with lemon. Drinking pure clean water does is keeps you hydrated, while avoiding any sugar spike.

Certain Vegetables
It’s undeniably obvious that most vegetables are healthy, as they contain plenty of water along with being high in fiber. Eating veggies adds nutritional value along with keeping us feeling full, preventing us from feeding on less healthier food items.

But it’s the high fiber content that’s found in certain vegetables which poses a problem, this if they’re eaten right before a workout.

What fitness experts recommend is avoiding high fiber foods because they slow down the digestive tract, making it an awkward process right before beginning to work out.

So if you’re wanting a good workout session on the treadmill without needing to go to the bathroom, then save the vegetables until after the workout.

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