Taking Natural Steps To Delay The Inevitable Aging Of The Skin

taking care of skinThe first sign of aging is when the skin begins to sag, gets wrinkly and rubbery. Aging skin however can be delayed, at times prevented or even be avoided. This through a variety of treatments and solutions. The remedies when it comes to avoiding skin damage, also doesn’t need to be expensive.

The image which comes to mind once hearing that someone’s “old,” is they having grey hair, has difficulty walking, the hearing fails, and the skin becomes wrinkled. What becoming old has is a negative connotation, and what most want to avoid. This is why everyone is looking for a solution to look younger.

Historically, what was used was natural sources from mother earth, such as medicinal plants along with other nutrients, this to treat the ravages of aging skin. Some of these natural solutions included aloe and honey, which remains as a popular cure today.

Modern Sources Of Skin Care
However, because of advancements in technology and medicine, what’s been developed are more sophisticated modern treatments, such as injectable fillers, botulinum toxin known as botox, and microdermabrasion.

What these current solutions does is alters or slows down the aging process of the skin efficiently, but can become costly. For those who can’t afford these procedures, there are other skin treatments which can combat aging, which can be affordable.

The Different Components Of Skin
So before attempting a particular skin treatment, what needs to be understood are the basic components on how the skin functions, and why it remains firm, supple, and wrinkle free.

What’s known is that the skin is made up of two layers, the first known as the dermis, which contains various skin appendages. The other is the epidermis, which serves as a protective measure against infections, viruses, and other threats.

Within the skin are different substances and components such as melanocytes, which causes skin pigmentation. Collagen, which helps form connective tissue, and elastin, which is responsible for the elasticity of the skin.

How The Skin Ages
What these various layers and components has are individual functions, which makes it easier to understand why the skin begins to sag, which develops unwanted wrinkles.

The main reason why the skin ages, is because of either intrinsic or extrinsic reasons. Intrinsic aging is caused by genetic factors, which accelerates the natural skin aging process.

Extrinsic aging is caused by the immediate environment, such as excessive exposure to the sun, along with high environmental toxin levels.

What’s thought is that the intrinsic factors can’t really be changed or prevented. What’s known is that it’s the extrinsic causes, this when it comes to the skin aging process, can be treated by various solutions.

Natural Methods Of Better Skin Care

Protection From Sun Exposure
What’s vital is protecting the skin from excessive exposure to the sun. What most crave is that deep dark natural tan, while the sun plays havoc on the skin.

So at the very least, limit the tanning and exposure to the sun during the peak times of the day, while always using a natural sunscreen solution.

What’s recommended is a minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 15. Apply sunscreen regularly, such as every 30 minutes, and reapply immediately after sweating or swimming.

Moisturize The Skin
One of the key indicators of aging skin is it becoming dry. The easiest cure to prevent this, is by abiding to the common recommendation of drinking at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day.

Avoid using products which contains chemicals that will cause the skin to dry out. Always use natural skin moisturizers and apply often.


Monitoring Food And Drink
What current medical research suggests is that soy can help in building and maintaining collagen, which is a vital component when it comes to the connective tissues which makes up the skin.

The key ingredient in soy is soy isoflavones, which also acts as an antioxidant, this to protect the collagen from being further damaged.

What’s also advised is consuming food and liquids which are rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, which are known to provide smooth youthful looking skin.

Avoid Vices
Avoid smoking cigarettes at all costs. It’s the substances found in tobacco, which can cause immediate biochemical damage in the body and skin.

Based on a variety of studies, it’s cigarettes which accelerates the aging of the skin the most, this by increasing the appearance of wrinkles, while causing the skin and teeth to yellow.

Control Facial Expressions
What’s thought is the same position of the face when sleeping, can potentially cause wrinkles to be etched on the skin.

The same goes for repetitive facial expressions, this because the muscles are forced to contract and convey to these expressions, forcing grooves to be formed on the skin.

These lines and wrinkles, which are observed in the aging skin, may become more visible as a person grows older, and the skin loses elasticity.

Clinical Solutions
Skin care has become one of the most lucrative industries in the world, as what everyone wants is the preservation of their skin, becoming obsessed with a younger looking flawless wrinkle free face.

So there are solutions such as medicinal plants, injections, oral and topical medication, medical procedures, tonics and solutions, some which may have dire complications.

What’s found is that it’s not always necessary to go to these extreme measures. All that’s required is preventative maintenance, this by living a disciplined healthy lifestyle. Then the premature aging of the skin can be controlled.

Regardless of what one does, it needs to be known that no one can beat the ravages of time, and regardless of what form of treatment is undertaken, the skin will age. So the best cure is to just age gracefully.

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