How To Optimize Pinterest’s Search Engine To Increase Traffic

optimize pinterest seoPeople see, people do. People would rather look at pictures and view videos, this rather than read, which is hard work. As a result, Pinterest is trending as a social network. Like any massive database, what Pinterest has is a huge responsive search engine, where you can maximize your SEO presence.

There are now over 100 million monthly users. When on Pinterest, what most will do first is enter keywords into the search engine, this to find the pins that they’re interested in. So what needs to be optimized and taken advantage of, is it’s search capability, this by targeting the traffic that can be sent to your boards and site.

Other than creating an inviting profile on Pinterest, you need to make sure your pins can easily be discovered by using SEO, which isn’t as complex as it appears. All you need is to make several tweaks that improves your presence.

Verify Your Website
Verifying your website appears to have higher priority on the Pinterest search results over those who don’t, which increases your authority, ranking you better.

What verification also provides is additional details about your account in Pinterest Analytics, which helps you understand the performance of your most popular pins, while analyzing your audience better.

SEO Optimizing Your Profile
Before starting to pin, what’s recommended is keyword tweaking your profile by picking the right username. You can easily change it through your settings.

Use one which is as close to how you’re wanting to be found by search. The URL should serve as your keyword. Make sure you choose one that’s clear, precise, and memorable.

Pin Vertical Images
Any type of image can be pinned on Pinterest, but what’s found is that it’s the long vertical images which are being noticed, this because they occupy more space in the feed. Vertical pins also appear better on mobile devices.

The most ideal vertical pin size should be around 2000px by 736px, this to take up maximum space in the feed, along with having the space to provide the necessary details, so it’ll be clicked.

Optimizing Pinterest Boards
Your Pinterest boards needs to be appealing and organized neatly, this on the titles that you use, as well as the images on the boards themselves.

What you want is to pay attention to the details, being humorous while also being precise on the keywords and the images.

From an SEO standpoint, it becomes important to visualize like a user, this when picking the title of the board, by naming it on how you would search for it yourself.

Although a clever quirky title is great, but to improve your pins ranking, you want to describe the title in a way which can be easily found by the users. What’s also not necessary is constantly focusing on the keywords, by being creative while making sense.

Optimizing Pins And Description
Every pin that you publish is a reflection of your profile, so you want to optimize it as much as possible. Make sure that you’re descriptive, as doing so will help the search engine discover your pins better.

Since Pinterest is a visual medium, most don’t bother spending the time they should on reading the description of a pin, which decreases the chances of it being repinned.

What Pinterest favors however are the pins which provides an exact specific and thoughtful description, one which will help the users find the image that they’re looking for when doing a search.

So include all of the details which describes your image, while creating a natural flow of text which aligns with your pins discovery.


Perform Keyword Research
The best way of finding the proper keywords for your pins, is by performing extended searches on your own.

Determine how Pinterest searching works, this by which results show for what searches, how the pins and boards are organized, which should give you a better understanding.

Record which keywords the automatic suggestion feature offers, and which of those keywords are relevant to your pins. Try this out for both desktop and mobile.

What’s known is that there’s now more than 75% of Pinterest users who use smartphones and tablets, so it’s important to know the quirks for all platforms. Pinterest is taking the effort to make its mobile platform as functional as possible.

Analyzing Pinterest Keywords
If you’re wanting to analyze the performance of specific keywords which are used on Pinterest, then go to Google and enter:

site: “keyword”

What this does is analyzes what the most popular pins are, this according to their search ranking. Then use the results so you can improve the optimization of your own keywords.

If you’re wanting to know what’s being pinned from your site, then enter the following in Google:

You can then easily find out while knowing what the users are pinning from your content, while also finding out how it ranks in Pinterest’s platform.

Analyzing Referral Traffic
What Pinterest is capable of doing is driving massive amounts of focused referral traffic to your site, so what becomes important is measuring the pages which attracts the most traffic.

You can also find out how pinners reached your page, and if you’re able to further optimize your most popular pins, or upgrade your content with new posts.

Use Rich Pins
What rich pins does is provides more information that regular pins. They can currently be used in six contexts: apps, movies, recipes, articles, products, and places. They’re found to be more effective than posting regular pins.

This could be showing the price of a product, a complete recipe, the entire article. Rich pins also tends to perform better in the search rankings, so it’s highly recommended and beneficial you use them.

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