Finding Natural Sources Of Omega 3 The Healthy Fatty Acid

thebenefitsoftakingomega-3By now, you’ve most likely heard about the benefits of Omega-3 as a health supplement. It could be anything from nourished bread that’s boasting about its high Omega 3 content, or natural farm fresh eggs which are abundant in this essential fatty acid. It could also be the yogurts, seeds, or natural foods which are promoting the benefits of this oil for kids and adults alike. Omega 3, the healthy fatty acid appears to be all the rage these days.

This is also a good trending indicator since the majority of us can always use a bit more omega 3 fatty acids in our diets. Omega3’s are grouped as an essential acid which includes alpha-linolenic acid for a very good reason.

Alpha-linolenic acid is found naturally in nuts and seeds as well as certain vegetable oils, while EPA and DHA are found primarily in fresh fish. The body requires adequate daily doses of omega 3 in order to properly maintain and build muscle tissue. The human body however isn’t adequately able to manufacture omega 3 on its own, so what this means is that it becomes essential to externally consume this fatty acid into our diets.

Clinical research has now proven that our diets at one time were much higher in these Omega 3 fatty acids than it presently is. So it’s recommended to return towards consuming these fatty acids for our better health. Fortunately, it’s not really that difficult to get natural sources of omega 3 into our diets. It’s just a matter of knowing what and where the best sources are.

Going Fishing For Omega 3
Fish, particularly herring, salmon, mackerel, and anchovy are excellent sources of DHA and EPA. One of the absolute best sources happen to be raw fish, Japanese style, so sushi anyone?

When the fish happens to be cooked or smoked however, it can significantly reduce the omega 3 content when compared to raw fish. But since most cannot stomach the raw source, the benefits of omega 3 from cooked fish are still present and valuable.

Going Nuts Over Omega 3 Eggs And Seeds
Walnuts are excellent as an Omega 3 provider, as is flaxseeds, as their extracted oils are extremely rich sources of alpha-linolenic acid, know as ALA. You can always easily pack around some natural walnuts with you for a quick omega 3 rich snack. Flaxseed as well as flaxseed oil can be easily added to fresh salads or they can also be sprinkled over any pasta dish.


Eggs which are extremely high in omega 3 are now available at your local store. They’re produced naturally by the farmers adding significant amounts of flaxseed directly into the diet of the hens who lay the eggs.

Why Consuming Omega 3 Is Important
There are a variety of sources where you can find pure natural omega 3 for consumption. What you may be wondering however is, why would you even care. The reason is because high concentrated intake of ALA as a dietary solution has been proven to support the blood vessels, which reduces the risk of all types of cardiovascular diseases.

Even higher concentrated intake of ALA has been associated with a reduction in the risk of calcification of the arteries, which is associated with clogging and heart disease. The omega 3 that’s found in fish oil supplements are extremely effective for lowering elevated blood triglyceride levels, which are associated with a healthy heart.

Omega 3 Good For The Brain
In addition to improving one’s heart health, omega 3 fatty acids can also support better brain function as well. Therapeutic usage of EPA has shown to improve ones mood while lowering aggression levels in some individuals,

The various studies on DHA supplementation has found excellent beneficial results when it comes to the development of the brains in children, improving their cognitive function, particularly when they’re extremely young.

Not Getting Enough Omega 3
You don’t really enjoy eating fish that much, or eating nuts doesn’t quite agree with your stomach, thus making you uncertain if you’re getting enough Omega 3 or not. So the solution is taking Omega 3 supplements, as they are convenient and inexpensive, usually tasteless and readily available almost anywhere.

Omega 3 supplements, usually in capsule form, such as salmon or other fish, cod liver oil, and algae are all excellent proven sources of DHA, while flaxseed oil is an excellent rich source of ALA.

These supplements of Omega 3 fatty oil acid are also helpful as a therapeutic source, such as when using higher doses are required to treat high blood triglyceride levels in the body.

Regardless of which Omega 3 source that you decide to take to get your daily recommended dosage, whether it be fish, plant, or in supplemental form, make sure that your getting you’re required amounts of this healthy fatty acid.


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