Honey The Secret Sacred Superfood The Golden Gift Of The Bees

why honey is one of the most valuable natural foodsHoney is a super sacred essence, and its care, the delicate process and precision makes it one of the best known apicultural products available. This is the gift, this substance known as honey which the bees are able to produce.

This is through an extremely elaborate process where these insects need to absorb nectar, deposit it into their stomachs, and then return it back to their beehives for delivery and manufacture.

The steps involve the release of the raw honey by revolting repeated times, which then ferments itself while adding acid along with albumen which are naturally added to the nectar.

What’s found in pure natural honey are essential mineral elements which our bodies need. There are known to be over 180 different nutritional substances which are found in honey that’s vital to our health.

Beekeeping A Historic Occupation
The beekeeping process itself is an extremely old activity and occupation which traces back centuries. There’s evidence that this practice was active in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Greece.

What’s described as the ancient beekeeping process and the honey that’s derived from it also has mention in the Bible. So it’s considered an extremely sacred nectar, which was even used to pay debt and taxes. Besides it’s historical past, there’s evidence that honey was used in drawing as well as painting.

What honey contains are natural essential minerals and vitamins along with protein. As a result, it’s a food which is known to elevate ones energy, while also used for medicinal purposes which offers therapeutic assets.

Honey is extremely easy to digest because of its sweetness, and as a result is enthusiastically assimilated by humans, offering a natural healthy source of burst.

The Content And Use Of Honey
When honey is consumed as a food source, it plays an important role in the balance of the human biological process. What it contains are pure sources of fructose and glucose, which assimilates directly into the bloodstream vitalizing the body.

This unique valuable substance can be used as food on its own, as a natural sweetener for the preparation of foods, an additive to beverages, or for medicinal purposes.

After consistent use, what honey is known for is it’s ability to assist in the control of specifically arthritis and rheumatism, while also preventing different types of respiratory illnesses while helping the digestive process.

Honey can also be applied directly on the skin for healing, while it’s known to be used as a natural shampoo as well. It’s also used extensively in the cosmetic industry, being found in facemasks, creams, tonics, and cleaners, the reason because of its softening and astringent qualities.

The consumption of honey is known to improve the quality of ones life, this since it stimulates while increasing physical resistance. Absorbing honey at night can be slightly sedative, which discourages insomnia.

The almighty honey can help in the healing process, it’s anti-septic, completely digestive and acts as a laxative, thus helping in the treatment and relief of gastritis.

For minor colds, it acts as an expectorant which fights the cough, while relieving and soothing the throat of smokers. When applied externally, it’s known to speed up the healing of wounds or minor burns while hydrating the skin.

The Medicinal Properties Of Honey
Using honey and nothing else, doctors in certain countries are able to cure serious wounds, ulcers, and skin burns, where the patients previously applied various conventional treatments with antibiotics, showing no results.

This study was performed when the doctors gathered different degrees and samples of wounds to be studied under laboratory conditions and pure natural honey applied.


It was found that the majority of these infections were caused because of common bacteria, which made the injuries more resistant, and are commonly found in surface wounds.

Actual pure honey was applied directly on the infected skin, and within a week, all of the micro organism which were previously there were completely gone.

The explanation the doctors assumed was because honey is slightly acid, it’s able to absorb water, and is extremely viscous. So what the application of honey did was it cleaned the wounds, diminished their size while also protecting it from new infections.

According to these doctors, it was determined that honey has the properties of being an extremely effective bactericidal agent.

The use of honey as a medicinal agent, is now known to prevent, cure, or control the following illnesses:
• Cramping in the stomach
• Respiratory diseases
• Intestinal disturbances
• Disturbances in digestion
• Irritation in the throat
• Irritation in the urinary tract
• Irritation of the eyes
• Dental issues
• Illnesses of the liver
• Physical fatigue symptoms
• Rheumatic pain
• Insomnia and sleep issues
• Relief of stomach ulcers
• Skin burn including sunburn

The Different Types Of Honey
When it comes to the origination of honey, it’s aroma, flavor, and color of the honey itself will differ according to its botanical origin. This complying with the flowers where the bees has removed the nectar for its manufacture.

What’s also involved is the climate, humidity, and the altitude which interferes with the exact characteristics and consistency of the honey. It’s known that the clearer that the honey is, usually presents as a weaker flavor and aroma. The honey which consists of a much darker coloration is known to be richer in mineral and protein content.

The consumption of honey as a source of energy has less of a fattening effect than does sugar. 1 teaspoon of honey contains approximately 16.4 calories, making it an extremely popular choice for health and fitness enthusiasts.

What biologists and health practitioners have concluded is that honey is one of the best sources for the availability of carbohydrates and energy, particularly for athletes, children, and the elderly.

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