8 Steps To Adopting Mindful Conscientious Behavior

Do you currently live a haphazard life, such as weaving in and out of traffic while speeding 20 miles over the speed limit, all while texting away on your smartphone. You park but don’t bother putting money in the meter, you run across a busy street, not looking both ways.

You take it for granted, leave it to fate your home and work life will work itself out, turn out okay.

It’s great to be optimistic, happy go lucky, but happiness or success isn’t exactly falling on your lap either.

There comes a point of time in life, where there’s a mind shift that needs to occur, where living a carefree life, becomes more serious.

This transformation occurs once you become more aware, more conscientious of your actions on a daily basis.

To Live A Mindful Life

This needs to occur sooner than later, since those who are mindful of everyday living:

• Are known to live longer
• Earn more money
• Have better relationships
• Have higher influence among their peers, and
• Have a better attitude

Mindful people are more likely to be managers, entrepreneurs, and experience long-term success. So the key becomes to master mindful conscientiousness.

Make it a priority in your daily life, to master everything you do, by prioritizing your life to become more detailed and polished.

Begin by finishing everything you start. Once becoming more mindfully conscientious, you’ll begin avoiding behaviours that are damaging.

1.) – Never Shop On Impulse

Those who are mindful, anticipate what they need to buy beforehand before going shopping. They know the consequences of what they buy, so they shop carefully. It’s called a budget.

They’ll rarely exceed their credit limit, not miss a bill payment, or dare cheat on their taxes.

They won’t make an unplanned purchase on impulse, by getting seduced by marketing tactics. So the next time you’re tempted, mindfully stop yourself and ask if you really need it.

2.) – Always Write Things Down

Mindful people know they won’t always remember everything, so they’ll write important dates, ideas, or things to do down.

What writing things down does is makes it a commitment, a contract, and you’re more likely to act on it. So always have pen and paper handy.

Never think, “Oh, I need to remember that,” never trust yourself. Always write things down, send an email or text to yourself as a reminder.


3.) – Be Conscientious Of Your Body

Mindful people always stand up straight. What their posture does, is reflects their attitude. They’re showing they’re aware of themselves, and care how others’ perceive them.

How they physically present themselves, correlates with their mindset. It begins with how you “show up,” on a daily basis. How you appear at home, work, or socially.

What’s known is how you present yourself projects how you feel, and those who are mindful are aware of this.

Bad posture such as walking with a slouch, makes you appear stressed, afraid and sad. That’s not how you want to come across.

4.) – Mindful Of Health

Mindful people know small details add up, that every minute matters. Mindful people have lower risks of obesity, as they’ll manage their diet daily.

They’re more likely to maintain and moderate their health, than those with lower levels of conscientiousness.

Less conscientious people watch more television, oversleep, and are more likely to engage in risky health-related behaviours, such as overeating, smoking and excess alcohol.

Mindful people control good health, because they’ll do exactly what their doctor tells them, instead of choosing to binge on the things they know are bad for them.

They take deliberate scheduled steps, to improve their well-being such as exercising on a daily basis.

5.) – Always Keep Promises

Mindfully conscientious people are always dependable. If they say they’ll do something or be somewhere, they’ll keep their promise and always be on time.

They’ll rarely cancel, or miss appointments. This is the why conscientious people, are known to be honest and dependable.

Not breaking promises, needs a complete understanding beforehand, on what they’re committing themselves to.

So before saying “yes” to everything, make sure you can deliver as promised. Upholding your commitments, builds integrity.

6.) – Never Give Up And Quit

Mindful people have grit and willpower. They’ll continue to solve a problem, even after failing. They’ll work extra hard, until everything’s done right.

Conscientious people consistently execute better than others, while displaying passion and perseverance.

What grit involves is having interest in the subject matter, having a desire to learn, and the capacity to deliver, with pleasure.

They have purpose and conviction, as what they do on a daily basis is meaningful and beneficial to everyone.

7.) – Are Always Responsible

Those who are conscientious will always pick up after their dog, even if no one is watching. What they display without a fault, is a high degree of autonomy, along with internal focused control.

What they’ll do is take complete responsibility, if things go wrong in their work or life, and then fix it.

They have a policy of always being responsible for everything they do, which gives them high levels of satisfaction.

8.) – Have Better Anticipation

What mindful people will always do, is pay attention to everything they do, to the point they’re able to anticipate problems before they appear.

By doing so, what they’re able to do is sidestep stress and agony they’d otherwise create for themselves.

They spend a lot of their time realizing the cause and effect, of how and why things happen.

They know problems won’t solve themselves. Small issues can become big issues, so they’ll save themselves the stress, by keeping on top of the details.

Becoming More Mindful

For those who may be struggling to adapt themselves to the real world, it begins by becoming more mindful of everything they do, on a daily basis.

This translates into being a successful happy adult. Start small, as the transition doesn’t need to be radical.

It’s never too late to start, as what’s known is once you become more aware and mindful, the benefits lasts a lifetime.