8 Steps To Adopting Mindful Conscientious Behavior

Do you currently live a haphazard life, such as weaving in and out of traffic while speeding 20 miles over the speed limit. All while texting away on your smartphone. You park but don’t bother putting money in the meter. You run across a busy street, not looking both ways.

You take it for granted, leave it to fate that your home and work life will turn out okay.

It’s great to be optimistic, happy go lucky, but happiness or success isn’t exactly falling on your lap either.

There comes …

How To Get Over That Sour Miserable Mood You’re In

Becoming moody which turns miserable is now a common malady in our busy hectic life, as everyone at one time or another feels grumpy. What usually happens is the bad mood we’re in, is expressed outwardly to anyone who crosses our path.

There’s no quick fix to moodiness, when it comes to feeling the blues, but there are ways to overcome it faster.

What’s known is that humans are meant to connect, so it’s best to find a social support network.

What this connection does is provides comfort, this once …