Limitless Movie Review Starring Bradley Cooper With Preview Trailer

Limitless is one of those movies that is not your typical generic cookie cutter: beginning, middle and end type of flick, but its head spinning is more similar to Inception or The Adjustment Bureau. It begins with a New York writer, Bradley Cooper, who has severe writers block, and as a result may lose his book deal. Then via an unexpected encounter, he hooks up with a magical little pill, called NZT. This little pill allows him access to major parts of his brain that he never uses and normally remains just dormant.

He is then able to quickly finish the novel in warp speed, and now has the time and brain power to learn foreign languages as well as picking up a system of day trading, which makes him extremely rich. This trading skill that he learned suddenly grabs the attention of Carl, played by Robert De Niro, the head of a major corporate dynasty who is interested in Eddie’s talents.

The trouble with this little pill is however, that there are a few side effects such as nausea, headaches and nightmares. Eddie’s stash of this little wonder drug also begins to dwindle.

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Eddie is another other slick character that’s played by Bradley Cooper and it falls in line as a typical character performance based on his career thus far. De Niro, for his part, plays basically himself, a bit dull with the same facial expressions. This sci-fi flick starts with an interesting premise and it looks pretty cool, but Limitless never really unlocks its full potential.

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