The Ritual Of Grounding Yourself To Get The Peace You Seek

Are you currently at a place in your life, where you’re not attracting the attention you’re wanting or think you deserve. Your current relationship and job has lost its spark. What’s preventing this? Know it takes a lot more effort and energy to find the capacity to receive attention, than it does to give it out.

To make more room in your life for what you really want, you need to release and let go of the things you don’t like or want.

To get the things in life you seek, what you need is to let go of the lingering remnants, that are keeping you away from love, as what like does is attracts just like.

Unless you want to continue on the current path you’re on, the time is now. You’re probably overdue when it comes to letting go of past failures, emotional pain, and the constant need for approval.

Perhaps you continuously seek “likes” on Facebook, recognition at work, or you have unrealistic expectations for yourself.

Thoughts like, “I’ll never have a loving relationship again” needs to be purged out of your thoughts.

Whatever You Resist Will Persist

If you continue to resist those painful memories, while limiting your thoughts and beliefs, what you’re creating is separation from your true self. You’re separating yourself from love, as it remains elusive.

Do you resist or avoid facing the painful experiences of the past? Are you doing everything you can to ignore it.

You need to think, the more you put your past behind you, the less effect it’ll have over you.

Realize if you focus on your problems, they’ll persist. The contempt you have, does is just fuels and strengthens them.

The more energy you direct towards your pain, what you attract is stress and disease.

Holding On To The Pain

You spend endless hours on Facebook, or watch TV. You attempt to escape your emotional and spiritual pain, via alcohol or drugs. You overeat, just to escape the doldrums.

Know these distractions are just distorting your reality, the agony you feel.

What all this stored up pain and anger does, is takes hostage of your body and energetic space.

Releasing Pain And Resistance

We’ve all experienced that light-headed sensation from being hungry, and then feel instant contentment once we feed ourselves. What we’re experiencing, is grounding.

If you’ve ever melted into your massage or yoga session, this at the end of a harsh stressful day, what you’re experiencing is becoming grounded.


The Need To Be Grounded

Grounding is a simple process, by connecting to the earth. Activities many will naturally do, throughout the course of their day.

Any activity that brings a sense of pleasure and release, is grounding. Once you’re grounded, what you feel is centered, focused, mindful, and modern.

There are a variety of ways to ground yourself, such as through touch and body work, eating, nature, through contact with animals and humans.

Begin by visualizing an imaginary grounding cord, which releases foreign unwanted energy from your body, which then allows you to experience love and joy.

Creating A Path For Releasing

What a grounding cord provides, is a way of flushing out pent up energy and emotion, which allows you to naturally feel good about yourself.

It’s a way of moving energy as it comes to you, rather than allowing it to get stuck in your body.

Once unwanted foreign energy gets stuck, what it does is disrupts the natural flow of energy, which manifests into depression, migraines, and body aches which turns into illness.

Effortless Releasing On A Daily Basis

Grounding is similar to a sink drain, or a waterfall. Once you pour water down the drain, you don’t really wonder where it went.

Be patient, as grounding will become as natural as breathing or smiling, with practice.

Something as simple as releasing the problems of others, does is reduces your own worries and anxieties that are weighing you down.

Tune into being in harmony with this process of grounding, allowing things to become effortless.

Grounding will become an invaluable tool when healing yourself.

So it’s worth taking the time to adopt it into your life, to the point it becomes easy and comfortable.

With practice, you’ll be able to train yourself, to the point of being connected to the earth at all times.

Never create limits on yourself, on how much you can release without effort.

Grounding Cord Visualization

To refresh and revitalize your body, mind, and spirit, take the first step by letting go. It’s this initial step, that activates the other subsequent steps involved.

From the base of your spine, begin making a connection to the healing energy, which stabilizes your body.

Focus by closing your eyes and remain aware of your body, with your feet planted firmly on the floor.

Create a mental image, a line of energy between the base of your spine, to its center.

• Connect a grounding cord to the center of the earth
• Secure the grounding cord to the base of your spine, regulate your breathing
• By using the gravitational force of the planet, start releasing all the foreign or stuck energy from your body
• Notice how your body feels during the grounding, visualize all the stuck energy draining out of you

Rules Of Grounding

• Always begin your morning, by grounding yourself
• Remain mindful during the day, by making sure you have your grounding cord
• Once you activate this grounding cord, experience what happens to your body

Grounding is one of the best methods to bringing your self back into alignment.

Begin by practicing this for 10-15 minutes every day. The more you practice, the better the results.