Overcoming To Defeat The Struggles Regarding Your Self-Worth

overcoming self-doubtThe first instinct for most is to think they’re not good enough, can’t measure up to the big bad world that’s facing them. What the majority will routinely do is underestimate their personal skill sets and talents, this not deliberately or on purpose, but because of esteem issues.

These poor self-depreciating habits does is forces us to become our own worst enemy, this without the push or prodding of anyone else. We harm ourselves unintentionally. Even being a tad negative towards ourselves can slow us down, missing out on opportunities.

These are just self-inflicted wounds, as we harm or hurt ourselves, we self talk ourselves down, that were not good enough going up against our fellow peers.

So the key becomes to know what these self destructive habits are, and then iron them out before facing the world to conquer it.

Start Believing In Yourself
Self-talk is the strongest force in your life but it’s usually negative. This is a natural reaction as a safety measure, this to protect ourselves from pending harm.

What you say to yourself is, “I’ll never get promoted” or “I’m not that disciplined” or “I don’t have the proper aptitude to be a boss.” You procrastinate yourself out of any aspirations, that you’re not worthy of reaching your potential.

You Have Nothing To Offer
You think that your skill set isn’t unique enough, that what you have to offer isn’t significant enough, so you need to emulate others when you do things.

The things which makes you uniquely distinct is what makes you shine, so be proud and own them. Just choose to be yourself and then see what happens.

You Care What Others Think
Wanting to be liked by others is just the human condition. What most will do however is value the opinion of others to be more important than their own.

Some will alter their behavior and patterns, this just to reflect and comply to what others ask. All you’re doing is harming your self-esteem. No one has the right to tell you what to do or how you should live your life.

Comparing Yourself To Others
Once you begin to compare the complex reality that is your life, and then attempt to match it with someone else, you’ll usually be disappointed.

The reason being, what you do is compare yourself with someone who’s usually better looking, smarter, more accomplished than you are. Just be grateful for who you are and just do your best, count your blessings.

You Think Negativity
This because it’s the brains default switch. What we instantly look for is fault in ourselves and others. We cut others down or constantly dwell on the injustice that is life.

We do this because our brains are preconditioned to protect ourselves from danger, from being disappointed, or hurt. This is when the “fight or flight” response kicks in, which is usually negative and we run the other way.

What most do is mask their insecurities and fears, allowing themselves to be exposed to their negativity as an excuse, which has a self sabotaging bad influence on them. So recognize all the positive people in your life, and then choose to be with them.

You’re Always Pessimistic
What all this negativity flows into is that you begin to think “Why even bother, I don’t have a chance,” or “This will never work out.”

You need to turnoff that voice before it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Focus on what you’re capable of doing, this instead of worrying about the outcome that you have no control over.


You Constantly Criticize Yourself
What the process of improving yourself needs are healthy doses of self critique, as even the most self accomplished, the most successful people in the world has their flaws.

What most will do is focus strictly on these flaws, this to the detriment of their strengths. They dwell on the failures while considering any success as luck, which just undermines progress. So show the same respect to yourself that you show to those you admire.

You Have Difficulty Trusting Yourself
Whether your intuition is conditioned from innate talent, or if it’s from years of bad experiences, you can only take advantage of it, once you believe and have faith in it.

What this doesn’t mean is that you need to constantly question or challenge your instincts. Trusting and reacting on your gut instincts is a vital part of discernment. So stop the constant second guessing, this before it becomes an issue.

You Never Speak Up
Once you quiet down your voice, once you stop telling yourself from saying what you’re really wanting to do, or stop asking for what you want to do, this silence can be mistaken for apathy or ignorance.

This can be misconstrued by others and even by yourself that you don’t care. Even if you’re feeling overpowered, it’s important to say what’s on your mind at all times.

You No Longer Wonder
You’re no longer curious about things. What curiosity does is elevates you to a world of wonder to do bigger greater things.

Dismissing this curiosity is an indirect way of not growing, this by holding yourself back. So always keep your mind active by questioning everything.

You Don’t Accept Compliments
What you constantly do is deflect or ignore compliments. All you’re doing is selling yourself short, while challenging the judgment of the person who complimented you. Accept all compliments graciously with a genuine Thank You.

All this self-depreciating behavior does is limits yourself. You feel unworthy or undeserving of compliments, and even may feel ashamed or embarrassed.

It becomes destructive once you underestimate yourself by losing the advantage. So stop these self-defeating habits by accepting praise.

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