The Need To Love Yourself First Before Trusting Anyone Else

Trust is something new born babies instinctively have. They trust the first person they bond with, and it grows from there, making them extremely vulnerable to the world out there. What they do is trust everything you say or act. They rarely question, regardless of what you tell them.

They hang on to and believe our every word, and why shouldn’t they. Children haven’t been exposed to mistrust yet, nor would they recognize it at such an early age.

Then they grow older, and come in contact with other children, and life outside the safe cocoon.

This is where their relationships with other humans begin. They become separated from their families, and discover the world.

They begin to compare different lifestyles with their friends and for many, is when the skepticism begins.

They discover lies, and begin to wonder what else their parents mislead them about.

A Bed Of Trust

We go to school and believe what our teachers are teaching us, to be true. We start our first jobs, and immediately trust our bosses and our coworkers.

Like babies, it’s natural to trust all over again, with every new venture we encounter.

When it comes to love, we’re warned that “Love is Blind.” What we do is trust our hearts, as we potentially set ourselves up for the biggest fall of our lives.

The reason for this, is because we’re naturally driven by nature to want to trust our hearts, trust others.

That trusting someone, is a happier easier way of life.

Broken Trust

But once this trust is breached, what it does is creates a mental scar, one that runs deep and never goes away.

What we do is just learn to ignore it. We try to reorganize our minds, and attempt to bury it deep in our soul.

It’s easier for some to trust, than it is for others. What some are constantly confronted with, is whether they should be trusting someone or not.

Then there’s a point where we need to find validity and reason to trust, because our minds are no longer able to trust.

We develop a “guilty until proven innocent” mentality.


To Trust Or Not To Trust

Say you love someone, and you find out they were cheating on you. Or you keep getting mixed signals, that stirs up thoughts of mistrust. Then what do you do, where do you go from there.

What we’re told, is to trust the ones we love, for better or for worse. But once our trust gets violated multiple times, we become wary of that person.

We’re also told to trust our gut feelings, as we wonder how we’re going to tackle our insecurities and get stronger. Our goal is to have a somewhat happy life, one that we can be proud of.

What we need is to become more aware, and know what’s going on in the world around us.

If our relationship has a breach of trust, or we’ve experienced mistrust in our life, then there’s reason to feel insecure.

A Bright New World

Start a new life as if you were born again, which is easier said than done. How many times have you heard, “Anything that’s worth having , doesn’t come easily.”

Probably often, as life is difficult, and will throw you curve balls.

We need to earn our happiness. What almost everyone is guilty of, is we wait our entire lives to become happy, or for someone else to make us happy.

What’s known however, is that happiness resides within you, it’s up to you and your attitude.

How you deal with setbacks, every little negative you experience, to trust or not to trust, is within your control.

Learning To Trust

If you choose not to trust, you open the door to the dark side, and become nervous in life.

You invite in jealousy, low self-esteem, anxiety, envy, selfishness, low self-confidence, worry, loneliness, ultimately unhappiness.

Once you feel these emotions, the “trust or not to trust” issue debates in your mind.

Choose not to go in that direction. Constantly be telling yourself, you’re an empowered person, and you decide what’s right or wrong.

Realize you’re living in the present, it’s not yesterday, it’s not the past, or sometime in the future. The moment is now.

All we know, is what we like, what to eat today, or where we want to go on vacation. How and where we spend our hard earned money. What’s difficult, is for us to alter our train of thought.

Our Thoughts Become Habits

Habits whether they’re good or bad, are autonomic repetitive responses we have, once we face something that’s common to us.

What habits don’t do is tax our minds as we become lazy, once we face a familiar task to do.

It’s thought if you really want to change something in your life, it can be changed but it takes effort.

Allow your mind to determine your goals, allow it to determine your destiny. We all deserve to be happy, by focusing on our goals.

Learning To Trust

Feeling mistrust, is caused by a negative event in our life. We may never figure it out completely, but we can precisely pinpoint the moment it began.

For whatever reason it was, it’s a negative emotion, and one we can do without. So consciously work on ridding them, so we can begin to trust again.

Once you do decide to trust, then love comes naturally, which invites more happiness in your life. This is strictly your responsibility however, to mindfully acknowledge this.

Take more responsibility of your life, by learning how to love and trust yourself first, which then allows you to trust others more.

It’s completely up to you, to consciously empower yourself, to craft a better life for yourself. No one’s going to do it for you.