6 Habits People Do To Jump Start Their Morning Brain

What most of us enjoy is to sleep, that restful slumber in dreamland, so waking up can be a chore. Not everyone is a morning person, as some are more productive late at night. Regardless, most will need to get up at a certain time to start their workday, and the brain usually needs a jump start.

Most will constantly slam the wake-up snooze button several times, before getting up.

There are some who’ll instantly jump out of bed to face the day ahead, full of energy, ready to tackle whatever they need to do.

What most find is they need to activate their brains upon waking. The best remedy is usually a double dosage of coffee which can help, but can also become addictive.

There are studies which show the brain can become too reliant on caffeine. It’s found what having another cup of “java,” does is it just prevents withdrawal symptoms.

So regardless if you’re a morning person or not, you have no other choice but to get up.

There are proven ways, that doing certain things can perk up your brain, and bring it up to speed for the day ahead.

1. Begin With Some Physical Activity

There are some who’ll glide out of bed at 5AM every morning. Rain, sun, or sleet, and go for a five mile run, which straightens the focus for their entire day ahead. The majority, not so much.

So although it may be tempting to stay in bed for another half hour. It’s found more beneficial to get yourself out of bed, and put on your workout clothes.

Then do some vigorous exercise such as go for a brisk walk, a bike ride, hit the gym, or go for a run.

What exercise does is it naturally increases the blood flow throughout the entire body, more importantly the brain.

If a morning walk isn’t possible, then try stretching to loosen up all those tight overnight muscles which gets your blood moving.

2. Jolt Your Body With Cold

What’s comfortable is getting out of a warm comfy bed, and stepping onto a warm floor, and then jumping into a hot shower.

It’s found what all this comfort does, is very little to get the dreamy cobwebs out of the brain.

So if you’re wanting to get alert quickly, this “old wives” tale is true, which is splashing cold water on your face for a wake up jolt.

If you’re feeling really courageous, then begin with a cold water shower for a few moments before heating the water up.


3. Make Sure You Eat The Proper Foods

Grabbing anything that’s sugary convenient in the morning, that danish pastry or doughnut will give you an instant jolt of energy. But what it’s actually doing is slowing you down.

That immediate sugar and carbohydrates burst on an empty stomach is only temporary.

What’s guaranteed to follow is a sudden crash which leads to fatigue and hunger. Then grabbing another pastry, blunts your concentration, effort, and energy levels.

So stop the habit of just grabbing anything that’s convenient such as that slice of chocolate cake as you run out the door.

Instead, have a healthy snack such as a banana close by, so you could grab it on your way to work.

4. Brighten Up Your Day

We sleep in darkness as it’s the most comfortable, but waking up in a completely dark room makes it difficult for our brains to become alert.

So once the alarm goes off, make it a habit to immediately turn on the lights, open up the blinds and allow the light to flow in.

What the bright lights will do, is tell your brain that it’s time to get up and get going.

If you have the time after you exercise, then go sip your morning tea on the patio, and bask in the morning sunshine for a few minutes.

5. Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Instead of constantly staying up working late burning the midnight oil. Surfing the Internet, watching TV or catching up on your favorite movie, instead, go to bed earlier.

Although the number of hours of sleep varies from person to person. Only you know what’s the best and the most productive is, for you to feel your best.

What the majority of people suffer from, is sleep deprivation without they even realizing it.

And no, you can’t catch up on the weekends or when you’re on vacation, it just doesn’t work that way.

The consequences of constantly getting too little sleep, includes memory loss, a weakened immune system, moodiness and mild depression. All which leads to an increased risk of getting sick.

6. Try To Alter Your Daily Schedule

If you’re finding yourself constantly groggy, even once mid-morning rolls around. Then admit to yourself your current schedule might not be the best and not working for you.

So try shifting it around a bit to allow yourself to get up out of bed half a hour earlier, or later. Even if it means getting to work sooner, or working a half-hour later in the day.

What you could also try is shifting some of your morning habits or activities, to the previous night before. This to allow yourself to get that additional 30 minutes of sleep in the morning.

For the majority of professionals and those who needs to get to work at a certain time, it’s usually a rush.

Attempting to get started each day on the right foot, can prove to be challenging.

By slightly altering your schedule, this by incorporating activities which will make you feel more alert, will prove to help you overcome insomnia, while keeping you alert the entire day.