Google To Offer A Tablet PC To Compete With The iPad

introducing google's new tablet pcGoogle is shortly planning to sell through their online store, their own co-branded version of the Tablet PC. This in the hopes of taking away market share from one of their chief arch rivals and direct competitor, Apple Corp, and their dominant industry standard iPad Tablet.

Some may recall that Google attempted to get into the hardware device market with, to some observers, less than favorable results. To remind those who don’t remember, a few years ago, Google offered the consumer mobile crowd their own version of the smartphone …

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Touchpad Down! Touchpad Down! Blame It On Apple For The HP Touchpad Demise

the hp_touchpad discontinuedThe sudden and surprising demise of HP and their WebOS Touchpad Tablet PC after just seven short weeks on the retail shelves is a reminder of how these tech giants are failing to take a chunk out of Apple’s dominant iPad.

The Touchpad joins the trash heap occupied by Dell’s failed Streak 5 Tablet because of weak sales, and there are suggestions that there may be a few more on the horizon to follow.

All of the Tablets which are not named the iPad just doesn’t sell lick off the …

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Why Consumers Still Refuse To Purchase An Apple iPad

an apple  tablet with an arrow through itApple’s can be delicious. Apple has been absolutely soaring lately and will be reporting enormous profits once again, which is becoming routine every quarter. This thanks to their ground breaking market changing products such as the iPhone and recently the iPad Tablet PC, where sales has now exceeded well over 7.5 Million units.

But there are some out there who are holding out and waiting for a better tablet. Google and their Android devices has managed to attract a fairly significant following, this primarily because their platform is completely …

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The Tablet PC War And Revolution Is Beginning… Really!

apple googletabletmobilepcchoicesThere are expected to be close to 50+ tablet PC mobile devices which will be flooding the consumer market very soon in 2011. These tablet PC devices are quickly becoming the modern day PC, most likely replacing the netbook and competing with the laptop and perhaps even the desktop.

The tablet PC when it first hit mainstream with the introduction of the Apple iPad is going to undoubtedly revolutionize the computing world, and 2011 is slated to be year. Although it’s not really surprising that Apple is the market leader …

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