The Life And Death Of A Trader Where Fear And Addiction Dictates

learninghowtotradethemarketsWhen you think about the biggest challenges which are involved when becoming a successful trader, one of the first things which may come to mind is the absolute randomness and unpredictability of the Financial Markets.

There is also the difficulty of mastering fundamental as well as technical analysis, along with practicing disciplined money management. Another major concern is how much “risk” capital is enough to start with.

Do you have the confidence to trade? This is where the absolute “rubber meets the road” scenario occurs where a portion or …

Why Trade Binary Options In The Financial Markets

tradingthebinaryoptionsmarketTrading Binary Options is suddenly becoming a mainstream method of trading the financial markets. Binary options, which are also referred to as “All or Nothing” or “Digital Options,” offers traders an online platform which offers a pre-determined fixed return of investment that’s known prior to the beginning of the trade.

So a trader decides to place a $100 trade on a currency pair (EUR/USD) in the Forex market as a binary options trade, and before he activates the trade, he knows exactly the investment that he will be placing ($100), …

How To Trade Forex Binary Options In The Foreign Exchange Currency Market

forexbinaryoptionstraderHow you manage risk as well as how and where you place the proper “Stop-Loss” settings are two of the most difficult aspects for Forex traders to master. Trading Binary Options in the Forex market offers an effective way on how you’re able to take advantage of the opportunities which market volatility creates when attempting to control risk.

Even under normal market conditions when fundamental news announcements are issued by governments, major corporations or central banks, including the overall volatility of the markets which were created over the past year, …