Some High In Demand Jobs If You Are A New Graduate

According to a recent survey by Job Outlook, for the third year now, there is a positive increase in hiring fresh college graduates for 2010 and beyond. Business owners plan on hiring more from the class of 2010 than they did from the earlier classes, as well as offering higher compensation and benefits for the new hires.

In the annual survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, nine out of ten companies describe the new job market as good, very good, and excellent. Public accounting and consulting firms …

How About Teaching English in Japan

If you’ve recently graduated from school and are at a crossroads in the start of your career, Teaching English in Japan might be worth looking into. Believe it or not, the English language learning industry is a multi-billion dollar one that employs over 65,000 ESL teachers.

Whats Needed to Teach
In order to get a job teaching English in Japan, you’ll need to be a college graduate from any field (sorry but 2 year degrees wont cut it.) You pretty much also need to speak English at native level fluency. …