A Proven Way To Win The Majority Of Your Negotiations

Realize every confrontation, every interaction when dealing with others in life, is a negotiation. Some are just more intense in nature, or has a monetary value attached to it. We negotiate to get a raise in allowance as children, we negotiate bad driving in traffic.

We negotiate with our spouse for favours, our customers over pricing or complaints. We’ll negotiate with our staff for more effort, we haggle to buy that new car.

Our entire life is centred around dealing. So to become successful, what you need is to learn …

Every Interaction That You Have In Life Is A Negotiation

howtolearnnegotiatingYour life and all of its everyday interactions is a negotiation process, some more major than others. We’ll negotiate to get a raise in allowance as children, or to get a bigger raise at work.

We’ll constantly negotiate with our spouse or our customers. We’ll actively negotiate with our staff, for time off, to get projects to be completed on time, or to buy that new car or appliance.

Then we’ll go home and are faced to negotiate with our kids regarding when they should get to bed, they keeping …