6 Reasons Why You Feel Like A Phony In Life And At Work

You’ve worked extremely hard to build up your place in life. You’ve reach its pinnacle, yet you feel like a phony. You feel you don’t belong somehow, which makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s the fear you’ll be exposed, because you don’t think you’re accomplished or are competent enough.

This happens to those who’s experienced success in the business or entertainment world, who has these thoughts.

This feeling of being an imposter, happens to everyone every once in a while, exception to those who are egotistical, narcissistic, lazy, or are just …

Mental Mind-traps Which Can Play Havoc On Your Emotional Life

avoiding mental mindtrrapsYou constantly think that you’re not good enough, can’t measure up to others, that you’re useless and a burden. Most of your decisions never turn out that well. Everyone always appears better, smarter, and that you realize you’ll never be as perfect as them.

All you want is to be liked, accepted, that your contributions are acknowledged, but regardless, your core feelings are that you’re unappreciated. On the surface, you appear happy and sound of mind, but you ultimately feel that you’re failing at this thing called life.

These types …