When It Comes to Prosperity and Abundance: Are You Willing To Receive

Fantasizing about great wealth is a frequent pastime for many of us. How wonderful it would be not to worry about paying bills, to be able to buy whatever we want, and have the freedom to travel as often as we’d like. It’s a lovely fantasy, but how accurate is it, really?

One mistake most of us make is believing that money will solve all of our problems, and our lives will become smooth and serene. Not true! Having more money might help ease certain struggles, but it will not …

The Reason Why And How The Rich Really Get Richer

Somehow we have a fascination and sometimes a disgust toward the wealthiest people in our society. To be sure, they are the ones that get a lot of attention in the tabloids and television talk shows. And the paparazzi love them. But at the same time, we tend to look down on them. We assume that they are spoiled, perhaps got their wealth through unscrupulous means and that they cannot understand the day in day out struggles that the common folks go through every day.

But there is another side …

The Law of Attraction Based On Your Relationships

It has been said that the Law of Attraction can manifest itself in matters of wealth, health, and happiness. Part of the happiness is having fulfilling relationships. These can be romantic love relationships or family relationships or simple friendships. The Law of Attraction affects them all.

Whether you are trying to put the Law of Attraction to use in your life or not, it is always at work. You are always putting out vibrations into the universe. They are always collecting with like energies and coming back to you.

The …