How Google Can Penalize Anchor Text Or The Backlinks To Your Site

googlelookingatlinksRelevant links coming back from other sites can be an ally in helping your site naturally move up in the generic search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. But if the search engines such as Google concludes that your site is stockpiling links in a way that they don’t like, solely for the purpose of moving up in the rankings, you can be penalized. Site owners are suddenly finding out without notice that their site can even virtually disappear overnight from the search results.

Google recently made it crystal clear …

Setting Up A SEO Plan Of Attack For Your Blog or Website

seo search engine optimization google webmaster toolsBefore you plan on absolutely dominating the search engines, it’s essential that you review how you’re currently managing your SEO techniques, by doing a quick checkup. Your website or blogs, regardless of their size or if they’re dynamic or static, will benefit a great deal by removing certain roadblocks that may impend your search engine rankings. You must also know exactly where your target keywords are ranked, as well as setting up a strategic plan of attack to get fully optimized.

Removing SEO Roadblocks
In a perfect online world, …