Review Of The Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Google OS Laptop

If you’re getting tired of needing to continuously update the applications on your desktop or traditional laptop computer while having to track the anti-virus software to protect it from attacks, then the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook 3G 12.1-In. laptop may be exactly what you’re looking for.

The new and modern appearance of this laptop, as well as its innovative functionality makes it completely different from the other Chromebooks on the market. It exclusively uses Google’s Chrome operating system, allowing it not only to operate slick and streamlined, but also has …

Buyer’s Guide To Chromebooks Using Google’s Chrome OS

chromebookfeaturinggoogleschrome-osThere are a couple of laptops which are expected to be released shortly which will support Google’s Chrome OS for mobile computers. These portable netbook/laptops, which will be called Chromebooks, are promising a quick eight second boot up, no need for security software, any required updates performed in the background and access to a variety of Web apps. The majority which are also expected to be accessible and available using any OS browser.

Google originally introduced their Chrome OS concept a few years ago, when the portable computer landscape …