Effective Ways Of Establishing Authority Rank With Google

how to get an authority websiteGoogle’s latest update, which is referred to as Penguin 2.0, has now been activated. So for those in the Search Optimization profession, the question remains what effect this has on their SEO efforts.

These site optimization wizards are wanting to know what exactly are the new changes that Google has introduced in their latest search algorithm scramble, and how it will affect their websites digital visibility.

What Google has always traditionally done was to keep these changes as secretive as possible when it came to any readjustment. But they have …

Google’s Social Search Expect Social Based Search Results

googles social search social graphSo now your friends, business associates or relatives and their opinions will now be combined directly into your Google search results. This is Google’s attempt to become more of a social based provider in their search engine results. As of now however, it will not include any of your Facebook friends.

So let’s say that you’re searching for a particular store downtown, and an acquaintance of yours happens to comment on it. In your search, Google will let you know by incorporating his or her review directly in the search …