Ways On Safely Handling Food At Home To Avoid Food Poisoning

avoid raw meatThere are millions annually, who’ll get sick unnecessarily from food borne bacteria and viruses, which can be avoided. The most vulnerable being children under six, seniors over sixty, those with weakened immune systems, and women who are pregnant.

The cause is because of improper food handling, especially in warmer weather. What can result is food poisoning from parasites and bacteria, this from seafood that’s improperly prepared, or from consuming contaminated meat such as ground beef not thoroughly cooked.

Prevention is the best cure and a lot easier than treatment, this …

Everyday Foods That You Should Never Eat Once They Expire

be careful with soft expired cheesesMost will just say oh what the heck, the expiration date is just a few days past so it should still be okay. So for the sake of not wasting food and being hungry, most will just eat these foods which are stamped beyond their “best before” dates.

Even though you can usually get away safe and healthy after eating most of these foods, especially those which are prepacked in boxes, there’s a cautionary note on a certain group of natural everyday foods which you should never eat once they …