Why Developing A Sense Of Humor Will Attract More People

why its good to have a sense of humorIt’s been known for some time that those who have a finely tuned and spontaneous sense of humor, one that’s not canned or rehearsed, is one of the most desirable personality traits among men.

This based on a survey of what attracts women the most. The most attractive trait was physical appearance, not in the GQ handsome sense, but well presented, and the other was established financial stability.

Genuinely laughing out loud has proven to be beneficial to one’s state of mind and health. A great sense of humor which …

How And Why You Should Use Humor When Public Speaking

If using humor in your professional speaking presentation, understand this. People will pay more to be entertained than they will to be informed. Look around you and you will see that the top industry is the entertainment industry. Encompassing sports events, comic acts, movies, television and music, the entertainment industry steadily received trillions of dollars worldwide.

Humor accomplishes many things in your presentation.

Here are some things that humor can do for you!
1. Humor helps you connect with your audience. Make yourself relate and connect with your audience as …