Ancient Natural Antibiotic Remedies Which Are Effective Today

ancient natural remedyWhat’s common in the past century is the overuse of antibiotics. The end result being the prevalence of the so called super bugs and drug resistant bacteria, which evolves faster than what the modern day scientists are able to solve, to fight and destroy them.

Before these antibiotics were developed at the pharmaceutical level, what our ancestors used were basic common everyday foods and herbs, which helped in fighting against these same infections and diseases. The majority of these ancient cures are still effective today.

These remedies are now more …

Some Basic Medical Truths That Most Will Agree Upon

know the exact reason for your headache“I am not a real doctor, but I do play one on the Internet,” as they saying goes. You along with millions of others who are in need of basic medical information, will usually turn to the Internet for advice.

If you’re sick, become injured with pain, or think you may have a serious medical issue, you can now easily research the problem on the Web.

But along with all of this information, there’s also an abundance of conflicting information. One site will tell you that eating certain foods will …