How The Job Market In This Micro Economy Is Shrinking

We’ve been conditioned not long ago, just a few decades ago, the belief and protocol was to get a good education. Do well at school and preferably get post secondary training to succeed. This so we can get a great job at the big corporation downtown. Welcome to the rat race.

Then we’re stationed at a cubicle for the next 40 years, working feverishly until retirement. This was known as a career. But then, modern day technology stepped in.

What it did was promise to make our lives easier, retire …

8 Immediate Work From Home Job Opportunities Available

The global economy is growing yet contracting at the same time, when it comes to employment. Those who are now earning a living working from home, are thriving and growing substantially. They are doing so during and post pandemic, as corporations are forced to downsize, minimize, and outsource.

The number of businesses around the globe who are deciding to hire specialized online workers, is multiplying exponentially from year to year.

The hiring of these professionals has spread to over 130 countries around the world, providing ample opportunity for those …

The Era Of Having A Working Career Is Coming To An End

how the traditional job market is shrinkingNot too long ago, just a few decades or so ago, the belief was to get a good education, so that you could go work for the great big corporation, remain, be stationed at a cubicle until retirement. That was known as a career.

But then, modern day technology arrived. It promised to make our lives easier, retire sooner, buy that boat and cottage and enjoy a life of leisure. But stop, not so fast.

The current reality, this current economy that we live in, is that we’re witnessing more …