Take The Wheel Of Life Quiz To Find How Successful You Are

The wheel of life, is a life map quiz you can take on your own, which will reveal how successful your current overall life is, provided you’re honest. It measures how much you’ve accomplished, what state of mind you’re currently at, this as a measurement on living a successful life.

What this self assessment does, is reveals your present life, mentally and physically.

If you don’t happen to score high in a particular area, that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve failed in life, it’s more of an indicator.

What it tells …

How Those Who Are Truly Satisfied With Their Lives Succeed

how to lead a satisfied lifeWhat most at any level of life strives for is reaching their peak state of satisfaction, but will usually settle for less. So what needs to be decided is whether you have the drive to become completely satisfied in your own pursuits.

Have you ever felt completely satisfied in your life or work. What most will often do is just settle into their comfort zone, this by adjusting their tolerance for angst or pain. What achieving true satisfaction demands is not completely accepting any situation, but doing what’s required to …