Steps For Locking And Securing Your Smartphone Device


There’s now just too much sensitive personal and professional data which you store on your Smartphone which needs to be securely protected. If this delicate data ever happens to be hacked and accessed by someone who has bad intentions, all of your vital information could be vulnerable and compromised. There are however a few steps that you can take to firmly secure and then lock down your mobile device.

Setting Up A PIN and/or A Password Protection
The easiest way that you can instantly instill an “Iron Clad” smartphone security …

Safety Tips For Mobile Device Protection When Shopping Online

havingmobiledevicesecurityThe convenience of Mobile Devices makes it all that much easier to shop and spend online. Why even bother getting out of bed when starting your shopping excursion this year and just snag all of the great deals on the Internet.

All you need to do is just tap a few buttons and that’s all what’s required while using your trusty handheld mobile device. The purchase which you just made at significant savings is even being delivered directly to your doorstep.

According to a nationwide survey, 57% percent of all …

How Secure Are Apps On Your Smartphone Or Tablet PC?

computer mobile -virus-spreads-to-humansAs you know, very scary things can come in small packages. That smartphone or brand new tablet PC that you carry around on a daily basis may have a dirty little secret hidden inside of it. Over time, it will constantly acquire bits and bytes of personal data and confidential information about yourself, and it is also potentially waiting to divulge it’s entire contents to someone in a dark place that you’re not aware of. This is why mobile security is of vital importance.

Does that sound a little scary …