Why Retailers Need To Add Mobile Commerce For Consumers Smartphone Users

womangettingofferonsmartphoneMobile Devices, most particularly smartphones are now becoming an indispensable tool for helping consumers when it comes to their daily shopping activities. The savviest of consumers are now using their smartphones and their tablets to find current bargains, compare product prices, check availability of inventory in local stores while receiving “hot” promotional alerts as well as electronic rebates and coupons which can be scanned while in the store. All this from their mobile devices while on their daily shopping expeditions.

In a recent survey, there were close to …

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The Distributed Web: Are Websites Becoming Obsolete and Irreverent

distributed web social-networkRemember the day not too long ago when you analyzed your websites traffic patterns, and discovered that the majority of your visitors were not entering through your homepage? Instead, they were finding your site through other secondary pages, such as your product page, based on specific search engine queries. You realized that your homepage was no longer the focal point of your website, as entry was from a variety of points. You can blame this on the Distributed Web.

The Distributed Web was once a ‘buzz’ word that may …

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