How To Make Your Website Mobile Device User Friendly

There’s absolutely no doubt that mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet PC’s are becoming one of the primary ways how consumers will use the Internet to access the information that they need, as well as how they communicate with others, and conduct online transactions.


Latest Data On Mobile User Habits

• There are now over 57% percent of mobile users who go online to use the mobile web on a daily basis
• Smartphone and tablet users will spend as much time browsing the Web as they do conversing …

Secrets To Designing Internet SEO Friendly Web 2.0 Websites

The Web Design of today is now dominated by several new principles that you as a website designer should be aware of. Unlike in the past of just a few years ago, web designers can no longer just pick a few compatible colors and choose some ‘pretty’ images that makes the website look slick to the eye. Current web design also goes beyond insuring that all of the links or the buttons take the users to the proper Web page destination.

The job of the web designer now includes using …