Welcome To The Social Anxiety Disorder Network Generation

socialnetworking iphone-apps-reviews-free-textingSo what do you mean I’m invited? Wait while I take this deep breath, wipe the sweat off my brow, and pull open the heavy glass doors to go inside. According to this event invite, the venue says ‘social.’ What? This takes you back to many a college nights that were spent unwinding on bad karaoke and watered down tap beer. You still can’t calm down the butterflies in your stomach.

So welcome to the social anxiety network, as this is similar to how things went. We now live in …

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It’s Mr. Facebook To You As ‘The Social Network’ Dominates

facebook thesocial-networkThere was a lot of discussion the past few months when Google introduced their latest and greatest search feature called Google Instant. To some, it was a pretty significant and revolutionary feature that made a lot of marketers wonder where SEO, as well as Internet advertising was headed. Around the same time, Google also announced that they were planning to begin shifting away from ‘Search’ to be more ‘Social’ based.

There was a turning point sometime in 2010, by whomever tracks these stats, that Facebook actually surpassed Google in …

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