Top 10 Old Wives Tales Our Elders Used To Solve Common Pains

What we often do is experience body pain, suddenly, unexpectedly suffer from some type of malady. Anything from toothaches, headaches, backaches, to stubbing your toe. Pain can also arise from injury, along with from disease.

Most in this modern day will treat their ailments with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication. Know however there are immediate solutions, that’s found in your kitchen cupboards, specifically your spice rack, which offers less side effects.

These are natural solutions used by your grandmother, that are still proven to be effective today. These common cooking ingredients, can …

7 Old Wives Tales Doctors Still Use Today

Once we fell ill or got injured decades ago, a cure was usually found in the kitchen cupboard, or some type of plant was brewed to cure it. There was usually no opportunity to rush to the emergency of the local hospital.

What remains are a variety of traditional solutions, that are still recommended by doctors today, that our ancestors once used.

Something as common as a nasty case of strep throat, doctors will usually prescribe antibiotics, but will also offer sage advice from the past, such as gargling with …