The Top 5 Things That You Should NOT Include In Your Resume


Composing a professional accurate resume is a difficult task as we all know. It takes time and patience to fit your whole professional history within one or two pages, and present yourself as the best candidate for the job. While we focus a lot of our energy on what to include in our resumes, we forget to stop and think about the information that should never be included.

The following five items are at the top of the Resume DO NOT list:

1. Do not get personal.
Any information …

How To Write A Professional Summary For Your Resume


In today’s competitive job market, employers rely on well-written resumes to screen potential candidates. In many instances, employers look through job search web sites, such as or, to find professionals with skills, education and experience that fit their needs. These employment search web sites, along with many companies own online applications, require candidates to upload their resume in order to express interest in a specific opportunity. Without an opportunity to send a personal email, or a cover letter, you have to make sure that your resume expresses …

Your Perfect Resume Is Useless Unless Your Cover Letter Is Killer

Openings at $75K to $500K+

Writing a good cover letter is just as important for the job seeker as writing a great resume. The cover letter as you know accompanies the resume and acts as the opening primary support document. Whether you are using traditional mail, email, or fax, the cover letter should always be sent with the resume. When you are job seeking, there are other tools that you can use, along with the cover letter and resume. It’s important that you follow the initial application up with additional follow-up with letters, thank-you letters

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