Why Businesses Need To Address Cellular Mobile Network Congestion

cellularnetworksasmanholdsmobilephoneSo if you take a look around lately, whether you’re on the train, at the library, in coffee shops, the odds are very good that there are many who are on either a smartphone or a tablet device talking or texting away or browsing the web.

Both of these mobile devices as you know are now enjoying immense popularity, which is excellent news if you are the mobile provider, retailer or manufacturer. But for the mobile cellular network carriers however, because of the immense popularity of the iPhones as well …

Mobile Monopoly – Why Mobile Ads Suck

First, A Review On Mobile Monopoly – The Program
In a nutshell, it is a training and coaching course that shows you how to make money online by creating and sending advertising campaigns to mobile phone users. A Clickbank product (nope, nothing wrong with them) … enough said?
Sorry, No link here… go find it yourself.

Why Target Mobile Phone Users?
Well, the answer is simple… There are currently over 5 BILLION cell phone users worldwide, and more users are switching to smart phones on a daily basis. Cell phones …