The Single Reason Why Your Latest Greatest Diet Doesn’t Work

why diets don't workThe definition of a “diet” is it’s the customary or traditional food or beverage choice of a particular culture, person, or animal, a set culinary custom. So once you hear someone say, I’m going on a high protein diet, technically it doesn’t make any sense.

Diets are usually prescribed for medical reasons, such as a strict diet for controlling one’s diabetes. These diets become necessary as they serve a solution, a plan to reach a goal. The diet then becomes a protocol, for an intended cure, such as losing weight.…

The Health Benefits Of Adopting A Mediterranean Style Of Diet

foods in the mediterranean dietAs far as lifestyles go, the Europeans have a long standing knowledge of what’s good for the body and what isn’t. The exact types of foods to consume which promotes for better health. What’s also apparent is that the majority of the Europeans have lean bodies and flawless skin.

So what’s been refined over the centuries is an eating method, a particular type of diet, the most popular being the Mediterranean style of eating, which appears to offer the best health benefits and worthy of adopting.

Reasons why this method …

Why Every Diet Plan That You Try Doesn’t Seem To Work

whyyoucan'tloseweightAttempting to lose weight has always been a daunting and often frustrating task. At times, the more desperate you become when wanting to burn the fat off, the more difficult it appears to be. You might begin to feel that it’s impossible, that it’s not in your genetic makeup.

You get discouraged and have thoughts of giving up, surrendering to a life of obesity being your only option. What you do is stick to the guidelines of the diet, perform exercise regularly, but nothing appears to work. You’re not able …