A Social Media Guide For Those Who Avoid Gossip

someone who is sharing gossip on facebookIt’s pretty much apparent that Facebook was primarily predicated on an easy way to promote gossip online. This based on the movie when a student asks Mark Zuckerberg to find out whether a female student was single or not. What was hatched in Zuckenberg’s mind was a realization that people were looking for a method of finding the inside scoop on others via the Internet.

Translated, give me the secrets, the dirt on someone, but do it online. Tell me who’s up for a party on Friday night, tell me …

Facebook’s Open Graph Protocol Combines The Internet With The Social Network

facebook Open Graph ProtocolFacebook, the Social Network, has a new business model with designs on world Internet domination. This attack is on the search engine industry, and perhaps particularly Google. Although the plan is still in it’s infancy, Facebook has decided to head towards expanding its social platform to include the entire internet on its site.

Facebook’s “Search Engine” Model
Facebook’s ‘Like’ function is the central key to this new model. Instead of the ‘Like’ button being restricted strictly to it’s internal search to find Facebook friends, groups and profiles, this new plan …