How To Best Take Advantage Of Your LinkedIn Profile

the letter l is for linkedinYou’re doing it all wrong they say, that’s what the majority of social experts will tell you when it comes to your profile on LinkedIn. They’ll tell you that most of the members are not properly optimizing their profiles on this important business network.

LinkedIn, when it comes to individual professional profiling, is the premier dedicated social platform to do so, this for business professionals as well as working representatives of all degrees and scales.

It’s estimated that there are close to 80% percent of those employed, regardless of …

Creating A LinkedIn Profile And Getting Free Link Love

linkedinjoinhereLinkedIn is a social networking site geared primarily towards businesses and business individuals. Originally launched in 2003, it’s a social platform mainly used for business and professional networking purposes. LinkedIn has more than 86+ million users, from over 200+ countries worldwide.

Making Your Professional LinkedIn Profile Standout
Step 1: Choose Your Keyword Carefully
You have probably already predetermined the exact keywords that you want your profile to be found under. If not, then use a keyword tool such as Google’s External Keyword Tool. Start searching for ‘warm’ qualified keywords based …