The Green Hornet Movie With Preview Trailer

So which do you consider cooler: the batman like car-mobile or the body guard chauffeur driving it? Well, if you liked the car, apparently there were close to 30 custom built vintage 1960s era Chrysler Imperials built, all midnight black with green flashing headlights in this action remake flick, The Green Hornet.

It is one bad-ass looking, bulletproof gas guzzling auto that shoots flames, armed with serious artillery, and fitted with wicked tire shredders, much like James Bond and his Aston Martin’s. But seriously, although the car is pretty cool, Kato the chauffeur chop socky dude is pretty cool as well.

This is a big screen remake of the original 1966 TV series of the same name, where audiences got a first look at the legendary Bruce Lee, playing body guard, crime fighter and chauffeur Kato. The show also has roots going back to a 1940s radio show as well as a comic book.

So to fast forward to today, in all it’s 3D splendor, Kato looks even more awesome next to an always pudgy Seth Rogen, who plays a millionaire slack ass, Britt Reid, or better known as the Green Hornet.

If you are unable to picture Rogen playing some type of fat masked vigilante, well, he couldn’t either. But he went and gave himself the role of the egotistical dork anyways, next to an unknown charismatic pop star from Taiwan Jay Chou. (Not to mistaken for the munchies laden John Cho of Howard and Kumar fame.)

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But these two together in the film makes for pretty good entertainment. After his father who was a multi-millionaire media baron dies, Britt Reid then inherits the Daily Sentinel newspaper, and soon teams with his father’s chauffeur to fight crime in L.A., by posing as criminals themselves. This calls for whacked out vintage action sequences directed by Michel Gondry. Cameron Diaz plays her token hot blond in a movie role, this time playing Britt’s sexy secretary.

Most of the time, you just watch Kato/Chou do his kicking motions. You can watch him speed up during his numerous fights, while the bad guys seems to simultaneously slow down, and it looks great in 3-D.

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