The Need To Take Full Responsibility Of Your Life

Your life won’t improve unless you take full responsibility for it. Responsibility, your decision to be accountable, isn’t saying you’re accepting blame for everything that goes wrong. But instead, it’s stating your intent to respond to every situation, good or bad.

To find reasons and meaning for everything that happens to you and your life. To be obligated.

One of the biggest challenges most face, is their life begins to spiral out of control as they lose their handle on situations.

They feel like their circumstances, the events of their lives, have lead them down the torturous route they’re on.

That they’re cursed, and have no control over the misfortune and the wrong doings, which brought them to their current sad state of affairs. Yet, they won’t take personal blame.

The sad truth is, what everyone secretly wishes for at this day and time, is the world would come to an end. That the entire world and humanity would demise. To hit the reset button. A secret hope for many.

Know you’re not a creature of circumstance, as you have the ability to consciously decide what everything means, and how you can respond to them.

Also realize you’re the only one who can, the only one who’s able to take the next step, and control where you end up in your life.

To Be Accountable

Responsibility isn’t a skill to be learned. You don’t need to venture outside yourself, as it’s something you already possess, lying dormant inside you.

All you need, is to assume this power. It begins with you stop placing blame on everyone else, but yourself.

Most have been conditioned to blame others, for the areas of their lives that aren’t currently working.

But once you take full responsibility, complete accountability, you’re placing yourself in charge. You’re taking back control over your life, giving yourself the ability to direct it the way you want.

Ultimately, it’s not the conditions of your life, but instead the decisions about what “things” mean to you. It means what you’re going to do about it, which creates the true direction of your life.

To Direct Your Life

Once you become responsible, is when you recognize you’re the creator of your fate.

On every level, you’re responsible for your conscious actions, along with the meaning and emotions attached to your events and experiences.

Only when you accept responsibility for everything, is when you can break it down and recreate it the way you want.


If you keep blaming others, you’ll remain bound, this because you will always rely on someone or something, to dictate how you act or feel.

You need to consciously unfold your arms, don’t take a backseat, and decide to get behind the wheel, and start driving your life forward.

So push your life to where you want it to go, on your terms, instead of following the crowd.

To Make Your Own Choices

There are two choices you can make in life. A conscious one and a subconscious one. You can stop being directed by the external circumstances and events pushing your life.

Or, you can decide to take control of its direction. It’s up to you to decide which way you want to go.

It’s also impossible to control every facet of your life, as circumstances interject. It’s up to you however, to decide what the events mean, and how you’re going to react.

Once something happens to you, you need to respond accordingly to it, to create the outcome you want.

Most obey the cultural hypnosis, by just passing the buck, moving the responsibility to someone else.

This is why their lives feel completely out of control and going nowhere. The reason being, they’re not taking full responsibility for it.

Construct Your Own World

You create your own world, this once you assume responsibility and take charge. This is an internal shift in your thinking, and your behavior. Your psychology isn’t just a big part of your life, it’s everything.

Winning and losing in life, is first an internal game. What learning to control and direct your mind, does is allows you to choose what everything means.

You then get to choose your response, which is also known as responsibility. No one however can ever tell you to be responsible, it’s a personal decision.

To Be Completely Responsible

What being responsible means, is not living a life of blame and self pity. It means you live your life from a place of power, where you know you are ultimately responsible for what happens to you. This in the past and the future.

What becoming responsible does, is erupts new emotional feelings that reinvents your past. You want to treat the past, as a place to learn from, or a place to remember pleasure.

Right, wrong or indifferent, there’s a gift or a lesson to be learned in there somewhere.

You just need to realize it. It’s never too late to relive a happy childhood. You have the ability to find empowering meaning, in whatever life happens to throw your way.

Responsibility Means You’re In Charge

No one controls your life, once you call the shots. All you can do is blame yourself. This is how problems are turned into opportunities, and how ordinary lives becomes extraordinary.

So decide what it’s going to be for you.

You can either allow the outer forces, the environment to steer and dictate your life, or you can take firm control of the steering wheel. You can take responsibility for everything that happens to you.

Life can be an amazing adventure, once you perceive it as that. By becoming responsible, you can then propel yourself to anywhere you want to go.

The reason being, you’re the only one who’s allowed to steer your ship, and direct its course. You can’t control what’s thrown your way, but you can certainly direct it.

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