10 Signs Of Becoming A More Mature Responsible Adult

The passage towards adulthood can be a rocky one. A crooked path some may never grow into completely. The biggest sign is how we knowingly harm ourselves and our health on purpose, especially when younger. Most are aware of their mistakes, whether intentional or not.

The definition of being immature, is doing the same detriment over and over again, knowing it’s wrong, but you do it anyways.

There are cases where people will intentionally pose harm on themselves, despite they knowing the consequences of their actions.

Becoming a full fledged adult is a life long journey of being more aware, more mindful, paving a path to becoming more responsible.

10. Become Less Entitled

Young adults tend to become so self absorbed and obsessed with themselves, they forget caring about others. They do so purposely or at times unknowingly, hurting the feelings of those who love them.

They pout, can become arrogant while laying the guilt trip to get what they want, without giving back. Then eventually, hopefully, they begin to give back to those who gave them so much.

A true sign of adulthood is becoming grateful for everything in their lives, hopefully sooner than later.

9. Responsible For Cleanliness

What becomes easy to forget are moral responsibilities and duties. Keeping the immediate surroundings clean and tidy is one of the most commonly avoided defaults of a young adult.

Most think of it as a burden and think others will clean up after them, creating an unhygienic unhealthy environment.

Then eventually, most become more responsible and stop neglecting their surroundings. One sign of maturity is the presence of mind to clean up after themselves, as no one else should.

8. Learn Money Management

Children learn early the good and evil that is money. During their teen years with excess dollars in hand, they’ll shamelessly spend every dime of it usually on the frivolous.

They’ll go on spending sprees without a thought of saving, especially on a credit card. Eventually they realize the bank of mommy isn’t always open.

Young people growing into adults start realizing the value of money, and how scarce it can become. Then they begin to respect money by learning how to save.

7. Stop Becoming Obsessed With Love

Young adolescent people become easily infatuated with love on a daily basis, while disappointment sets in once it doesn’t work out that day.

Teenagers will obsess with finding their true love, without fully understanding the nuances of it.

They can’t decipher the difference between infatuation and love, as “Romeo and Juliet,” remains a permanent fixture in their head.


Then they grow up and realize love is elusive and hard work, at times heartbreaking, especially if scorched a few times because of it. You know you’re growing up once you realize love hurts.

6. Stop Wasting Time On The Frivolous

The time that’s lost wasting time is gone forever, but try telling that to any young person, as they have no sense of tracking the time they waste.

Time wasted gossiping, texting, posting on social media, endlessly playing video games. They’re conditioned to waste as much time as possible.

Then one day, what’s realized is how precious time is. The mature individual then begins to manage their time better, to get as much value as they can from their precious life.

5. Begin Eating Healthier

The trend for young people is to devour fast food, the quicker the better. It’s fatty, yet tasty and convenient, while mom tells them how unhealthy it is.

Junk food leads to laziness, obesity, and poor overall organ health. Then eventually, maturing adults begin to take better care of themselves, by eating healthier.

The days are gone when the metabolism will no longer burn off the junk food and turn into fat, so a proper diet needs to be maintained.

4. Respect For Their Elders

Children who grow into their teenage years, thinking they’re all grown up now, can become rebellious and stop listening to their parents. These kids will then begin doing the opposite to what they’re told.

Children forget the loving nature of their parents, and the reason why they exist. As they grow older, experience a few life mishaps, they begin to appreciate their parents.

The unconditional love they provide, and eventually realize they themselves are ready to become full fledged adults capable of having children of their own.

3. Start Avoiding “Bad” Company

Some teens want to rebel and be bad to the bone and they don’t care. The friends they choose to hang out with, influences their choices, as it’s friends their who dictates the direction of their lives.

The sign of becoming an adult is realizing how hanging around with bad company, could ruin their life.

At times, even when knowing the consequences, some will fall victim to the charms of evil company, which can lead to criminal activity. Once maturing, most have the sense to steer away from this.

2. Stopping Harmful Habits

Most adolescents think the passage to becoming an adult quicker is to adopt adult vices, such as smoking or drinking alcohol. The thin line exists where some can become addicted to these bad habits.

Young adults aren’t fully aware of the consequences of these types of addictions.

Becoming an adult involves realizing how detrimental these bad habits are, by quitting altogether or using in moderation, for a healthier life.

1. Trusting Others Too Easily

The nature of children is they’re too trusting and gullible towards others. What can then occur is people with bad intentions, will take advantage of them because of this trusting nature.

One sign of adulthood is to become more aware of oneself, so they won’t be taken advantage of.

To make more rational decisions, and not make choices based on impulsive emotions. It’s unfortunately usually the experience of getting hurt, which forces young adults to become less trusting of others.