9 Reasons Why You Should Start Running For Fitness

6. Fights Off Moodiness And Depression

What’s known is that performing physical exercise such as running does, is fights off mood swings. What it does is releases the feel good chemicals in the body. What it also does is reduces the tension induced chemicals found in the immune system, which can worsen the condition.

What running does is increases the temperature of the body, while effectively relaxing the mind. Running will also give you confidence, relieve your mind from worry, while forcing you to become more sociable.

5. Better Heart Health

The heart is obviously one of the key muscles in the body, and what running does is directly improves its function. What running does is increases the blood flow and supply throughout the body, reaching all the major organs, specifically the heart.

The running process helps in reducing bad cholesterol, which is a key contributor to heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Even just running for 15 minutes a day, cuts the risk of heart disease by one half. One caution however, is that overdoing it can cause more damage than good.

4. Improves Brain Power

One of the best aerobic exercises is running, as what it does is improves brain functioning. The key being it increases the heart rate, which feeds more oxygen to the brain, which forces more nourishment into the cells, allowing it to operate better.

What running does is helps you keep sharp and focused as you age. For those young adults who especially begins to run during their twenties, what doing so does is helps reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, this later in life.