Traits That You’re A Too Sensitive Absorbing Emotional Sponge

when you are too sensitiveAre you too sensitive towards the feelings of others, this rather than you catering to the needs and feelings of yourself. As a result, you live a dysfunctional life, not properly feeding yourself on all the nutrients that you deserve. You’re too empathetic on what others think, which plummets your self-esteem.

The trademark of someone who’s too sensitive is that they sense, feel, and will then divulge themselves on how others are feeling, while putting these needs ahead of their own. Those who are overly sensitive will filter their existence through their intuition, while having difficultly with their own feelings.

If you consider yourself to be this sensitively fragile, there are certain challenges that you’re facing. What you do is invest all your emotional energy into others, all while they having no idea that you are.

The Traits Of The Sensitive
You become overwhelmed with the impact of the negative, the stressful emotions which ties you down, which as a result can turn into panic attacks, chronic fatigue, addictive binges, which spirals into depression. You then develop physical medical symptoms which needs attention.

What you don’t need is to overload yourself this way, as you’re being taken advantage of your sensitivity, without gratitude being returned. The first step is to acknowledge that you’re too sensitive, this by knowing the signs. Then you can create a path towards emotional freedom.

You’re Highly Empathetic
You’re naturally giving, instinctively placing others before yourself. You’re also a good listener and an absorbent sponge to all. All that you do is constantly live in their shoes.

You’re willing to sacrifice yourself through thick and thin, volunteer without request, an expert nurturer. You’re feelings are also easily hurt, that you’ve been told to toughen up, grow a spine.

You Suck Emotion Out Of Others
You’re naturally aligned and attuned to the mood of others, good or bad. You feel one degree of everything, and will then react accordingly.

You absorb negativity such as anxiety or anger which makes you exhausted. If others extend their peace, love, and friendship, your body reacts to these emotions as well, which flourishes.

Most Likely An Introvert
You often become overwhelmed in social settings where there are large crowds, as what happens is your sensitive nature becomes amplified.

You have the tendency to react as an introvert, preferring one on one contact or comfortable small groups. Even if you brand yourself as an extrovert, you still limit your time with others.

You’re Highly Intuitive
You live and survive the experiences of others, this through your strong intuitive powers. So it becomes important for you to develop this intuition better, listening to your gut instinct regarding people.

What this does is helps you in finding positive relationships, while avoiding those who will suck the energy out of you. So you work on this craft by improving your senses.

Need More “Me” Time
Since you’re such a self-absorbing emotional vacuum around others, what being around people all the time does is drains you out, making you feel exhausted.

So you periodically need some time alone to recharge your energy, as just a brief escape or a solitary weekend does is prevents emotional overload. For these reasons, you’ll just get up and leave as you please, once things become too overwhelming.

Avoid Intimate Relationships
Once things get too comfortable and snug, it can at times become too suffocating as you take on all the burden. So you would prefer to avoid relationships once they become to intimate.

Deep down, your fear is becoming completely engulfed and then losing your identity. So if you’re overly sensitive, you want to slowly ease into a relationship, the traditional paradigm needing to be constantly redefined.


Your Energy Easily Evaporates
What your sensitivity does is exposes you to becoming easily exhausted, as your energy can quickly vanish into thin air. It’s the emotional fear, the rage of others which saps out your physical energy, making you feel emotionally famished.

These energy vampires will do more than suck your vitality, this especially when in a relationship with a narcissist, which can become toxic, as they’re completely incapable of giving any empathy whatsoever.

Then you begin to feel unloved and unworthy, as they drain out your spirit. These energy suckers are the constant chronic gossipers, the drama queens, or they play the victim card.

You Rejuvenate Yourself In Nature
The hectic life that you lead, catering to everyone, can prove to be too much for your sensitive nature. So you seek refuge in the natural world, which nourishes and restores you.

Mother nature helps you to release your pent up burdens, as you seek escape by taking a walk in the park, or take a stroll near the ocean.

You’re Too Generous With Empathy
Along with you being too sensitive, you also have a big generous heart, as your mission is to relieve the pain and agony of others.

You feel for anyone who appears at a disadvantage. Someone who’s homeless, an elderly person, a friend or acquaintance who’s distraught. It’s natural for you to reach out and help them ease their pain somehow.

You feel that doing so is your duty. But realize as a result, you’re the one who’s at a disadvantage, as you feel drained out or will become more upset than before.

Protect Your Sensitivities
What you need is to protect your sensitivities better, such as setting strict limits and boundaries on the extent you’re willing to help others.

You need to center yourself by becoming more mindful, calming yourself down. Consider your sensitive nature as a gift, but refuse to be taken advantage of. Realize you need to regulate yourself better, while not giving yourself away.

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