Your Attitude Is What Projects How Successful You’ll Become

how-to-be-likeableThe goal when it comes to successful marketing is creating long lasting relationships with your clients, by marketing with passion. When you’re not excited it shows, and why should anyone else care. The degree of passion for your business, is communicated through your attitude.

It’s attitude which comes through and shows itself in a variety of ways. So the key becomes creating the proper demeanor which paves the way to success. It begins with what you say, how you say it, as words are all you’ve got, and what you’re all about. Your spoken word, is how you communicate your attitude to others.

So mindfully think what you say before you speak. Will it serve to build a connection, community, build a relationship with them. If not, then consider saying something else or nothing at all. If you’ve got nothing good to say, then don’t say anything.

Changing Your Thinking Alters Your Attitude
We know that what thoughts does is influences how we feel. Our thoughts also influences the words that we speak, along with our body language.

Our thoughts become the filters on how we perceive the world. So once we change our thought patterns, we automatically change our attitude. We carry our thoughts everywhere we go, so make sure you’re mindful of them at all times.

Good Body Language
Along with what’s spoken, body language is how you communicate your attitude to others. What you are is a walking talking billboard.

Every move you make, your facial gestures, how you sit, how you position your arms and legs, does is communicates volumes about who you are, and what your attitude is.

Observe others who exhibits positive welcoming body language, and then attempt to emulate them. Learn the subtle nuances about body language, and how gestures represents how you’re feeling, and what you’re wanting to convey.

Dress The Part
What you wear, the colors and how trendy it is communicates who you are. Find clothing which accents your best features. Make sure that your clothes are tailored, neat, odor and wrinkle free. Get help, if you’re not sure what best fits your image.

Wear clothes that you enjoy so you’ll come across as comfortable as possible. While clothes won’t make the complete person, what it does is speak volumes about the first impression you give.

Just Smile
A smile is an universal sign of warmth, that you’re welcome. Nothing melts the tension of a situation than a genuine spontaneous smile, that endears others, one that’s delivered with sincerity.

Practice smiling at everyone without coming across as being insincere, which becomes a healthy habit. Not only does a smile positively affect others, it’s infectious, making everyone else along with yourself feel better.

People are attracted to those who makes them feel good. So start attracting others by wearing a genuine smile.

Always Be Punctual
Never be late for customer meetings, company meetings, speaking engagements, or dinner, as being prompt and on time shows total respect for others.

Mutual respect is the foundation when it comes to creating great long-term relationships with anyone. Showing up on time, is the best way of displaying that you have high regard for them.

By keeping your commitments to others, you’re acknowledging them and their needs. Promptness should be your number one priority, this because it’s your relationships is what builds your business. So make it a point to never be late for anything.

Respond Promptly To Texts And Emails
Texts and emails are now the most convenient and frequently used method of communication. So make it a point to reply to them, regardless of how busy or repetitive they may be. Just a simple “okay” or “thank you” will suffice, that you got their message.


If you’re extremely busy and can’t reply for some reason, have an automated autoresponder reply such as, “Your email is important to me, I will get back to you as soon as possible.”

Never leave others hanging or wondering whether you’ve received their email or not. If you don’t answer in a reasonable time, you’re perceived as not being on top of things, or that they’re not important to you.

Never ignore or hesitate when it comes to communication. Set aside a couple times a day, just to read and reply to your texts and emails.

Same Goes For Phone Calls
Time is critical when it comes to doing business. The difference when it comes to getting a new client can easily hinge on returning a phone call on time. You’ll never know when you’re missing a time critical opportunity.

What a prompt response does is communicates an attitude that you want to serve them, that you respect their time and their deadlines.

In today’s competitive environment, once someone doesn’t get the prompt attention they’re expecting, it becomes easy for them to turn to your competition. So make it a point to always return phone calls promptly.

Take Full Responsibility
We communicate our attitude through how responsible we are. What others sense immediately, is how we take total control of our actions and the eventual outcome.

What’s communicated is an aura of strength, leadership and confidence, which makes you more attractive and likeable to others who do business with you. So think about how you can step up and show responsibility for everything you do.

Always Take Action
Successful people take action. They rarely wait for life to happen to them, they do what’s always next. What taking action does is communicates an attitude of accomplishment, which others find inviting.

Action tells them that you’re a leader, that you want to move things forward, you make things happen, and that you’re confident, and know what needs to be done.