10 Traits Every Parent Wants Their Kids To Adopt In Life

7. Make Them Proud

What our parents did was worked hard every day to provide for us, and raised us the best way they knew how. Some kids are obviously more fortunate than others.

Once we achieve our own goals when we become adults, possibly following in their footsteps, they want to feel proud that you appreciate what they’ve done for you, all the mistakes and the wins.

6. To Care For Them As They Age

What we don’t want to see are our aging parents left alone in retirement homes, while they wonder in sadness where things went wrong with their kids. The mistakes that they’ve made and didn’t correct. There’s no parent in the world who would want such a thing to happen to them as they age.

Parents gave us life, bred and fed us, and no one’s perfect. What they don’t want is the shame of being left alone in their last phases of their life, this when they need you the most. Unfortunately, there are also some who aren’t fit to have children, and these kids have no other choice.

5. To Be Their Friends

What parents desperately want is to remain friends with their children, this through thick and thin, to never break that bond. To be able to talk about anything and everything, share problems, jokes, laughter, and spend time with one other.

The hopes to overcome the tough love that the parents at times needed to administer, while still having a common ground and the lines of communication remaining open.


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