10 Traits Every Parent Wants Their Kids To Adopt In Life

4. The Hopes To Become Successful

We’re prepared by our parents and our schooling to brace ourselves, were told that “Life is a rat race.” That it is difficult out there, and we need to be ready to handle the harsh realities of adulthood.

Every parent wants their child to become successful at what they choose to do, and be proud they raised them well. Parents sacrifice to prepare us to reach our potential to become successful. So never forget that they’re the stabilizing backbone of our life.

3. Become Responsible Humans

Every parent would love that their child becomes fully independent and responsible, to start realizing adult duties. This begins with the hopes the child begins to show gratitude, such as help cutting the lawn, bringing in the groceries from the car, doing the dishes.

To be responsible and respectable for understanding the value of money, that it isn’t free, that one must work for it. What parents want to see, is their child understand how finances and the economy of the world works.

2. Finding Your True Identity

What every parent wants is their child to realize and reach their potential, find out who they are, so as a result, they’ll pay special attention to their progression, growth, and development. They want their child to be capable so they can survive in the unforgiving harsh world out there.

That you grow up strong enough to stand up for your rights, with both feet firmly planted on the ground without assistance. They want their child to forge their own unique identity in the world, this to function and be the best and happiest that they can be.

1. To Just Be Happy

Regardless of which path the child takes, whether they’re able to overcome all the roadblocks in life, reach their potential, get married or join a religious commune, what’s number one on any parents mind, other than being healthy, is they want their kids to be happy.

They ultimately want them to love living their life. They want their sacrifice that they placed in you as a child, to pay off. Their ultimate wish is for their little boy or girl to grow up happy, and that’s what matters to them the most.


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