10 Traits Every Parent Wants Their Kids To Adopt In Life

For humans to realize a complete life, one of their obligations is to have children. To do their part in extending the human race, more importantly the family name. So the journey begins as parents have children, and become their guardians. They’re supportive, as they’re there through thick and thin, during all the difficult phases while growing up to become adults.

At times, they need to be scolded too often, they veer of course and become dysfunctional, or the parents become too overprotective. Children will take their parents for granted, take advantage of them. Then the time eventually comes to pass the baton from adult to child, hopeful they’ll function in society. Parenthood can become a treacherous slippy slick experience.

10. Outstanding Respectable Human

What the quality of our behavior states is how we are as a person, which becomes important when attempting to form and maintain good social relationships. We all know the world can be a selfish and cruel place, as there are mean rude criminal people out there with no morals.

No parent wants to be associated with a child who turns out this way. What our parents expect from us, is to be good respectable people and citizens. They want their child to be appreciated as a good standing member of society.

9. Have Good Manners

No parent wants their child to behave badly as it’s a direct reflection on them. Kids also feel the same way, as they don’t want to be embarrassed in front of their peers by their parents. It all comes down to having mindful manners and tact for one other.

Having good manners is a sign that you’ve been raised well, which includes respecting others. It symbolizes the family environment that you were raised in as a child. What this develops into is your character as an adult, that you’re a good person.

8. Associate With Good People

Our parents want us to hang out with the right crowd, have good friends. What’s realized and known by them, this probably through trial and error, is that it’s easy to be led astray and then get involved with the wrong group of kids.

It’s our friends who influences and shapes our personality and reputation. Meeting and eventually marrying good people enhances our potential. Other than our parents, it’s our friends who steers our future.


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