10 Traits Every Parent Wants Their Kids To Adopt In Life

For humans to realize a complete life, one of their obligations is to have children. To do their part in extending the human race, more importantly the family name. So the journey begins as parents have children, and become their guardians. They’re supportive, as they’re there through thick and thin, during all the difficult phases while growing up to become adults.

At times, they need to be scolded too often, they veer of course and become dysfunctional, or the parents become too overprotective. Children will take their parents for granted, …

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Why Your Children Seem To Hate You The Universe Mind Approach

raisingyourkidsYour kids, those little ones that you’re obligated to feed and clothe. The little tykes who look like you and share your DNA. Are they really ultimately your children beyond that, or are they the sons and daughters of the universe, fulfilling life’s longing and need for itself.

You nurture them the best you can, you give them all your love but not always all of your thoughts. This is because they’re born with and have their very own unique thoughts. All you can really do as parents is …

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