10 Ways How Stop Drinking Soda Can Improve Your Health

7. Does Not Absorb Calcium

Phosphoric acid is found common in soda, which produces it’s strong flavor. It also stops the development of mold and bacteria which would grow rapidly in high sugary environments like soda.

What phosphoric acid also does is inhibits the body’s absorption of calcium, which gradually leads towards calcium deficiency. Calcium is vital for stronger bones, teeth, while lowering blood pressure. A calcium deficiency significantly increases the risk of developing osteoporosis.

Women approaching menopause needs to avoid soda intake completely, as there’s a proven decline in estrogen during menopause, which accelerates bone weakening.

6. Provides Better Kidney Function

What excess soda consumption is known to cause is inflammation of the kidneys, which can ultimately weaken and damage it, this just by consuming soda on a daily basis. Those who consume excessive soda runs a higher risk of developing kidney stones.

The kidneys are the body’s blood purifier, while it wards off numerous diseases. Eliminating soda from your diet, keeps the kidneys along with all the other major organs functioning smoothly.

5. Uric Acid Level Decreases

Uric acid is a chemical byproduct of the digestive system. What a healthy body does is properly regulates the production of this uric acid. What drinking too much soda does, is produces excess abnormal levels, which can lead to gout. Gout is a form of painful arthritis which usually occurs in the foot.

High fructose intake, this in the form of soda or foods rich in fructose, are associated with the increased risk of gout. Just reducing soda consumption helps regulate uric acid levels and the resulting painful consequences.

4. Results In Stronger Bones

What bone mineral density refers to, is the amount of minerals that are found in the bones. The more minerals it has, the stronger the bones are. Those who develops osteoporosis which can result in fractured bones, all have low mineral density count.

Frequent soda consumption is known to deplete this mineral content over time, this especially in women.

What’s also known is that it’s the adolescence years, is when high bone mineral content is produced. So young adults are recommended to consume more nutritious beverages, this to avoid the risk of future osteoporosis.


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