9 Natural Mind Tricks To Improve Memory

On a daily basis, the human brain is bombarded with a variety of different concepts, facts, dates, and numbers to remember. It’s not possible for the tiring noggin to grasp and remember all of them. Everyone on occasion forgets. The human mind is no different than any other type of physical memory storage device.

But there are ways to refine it better than any other mechanical retrieval system. What it’s capable of, is storing information in the form of data, facts and figures, while being able to recognize hundreds of faces, routes, names and memories. The human brain is the governor that regulates our every thought.

9. Food That Improves Memory

There are specific types of food that contributes to overall growth. Certain types of food are responsible for stimulating growth to different parts of the body. To improve memory, since you are what you eat, requires the awareness of the essential brain boosting foods, that can stimulate a quicker response from the brain.

The most beneficial memory boosting foods include antioxidant rich fruits and vegetables, complex carbs, omega-3 rich foods, foods rich in specific vitamins. So to improve memory, choose to include foods in your everyday diet, that are nutritionally beneficial.

8. Doing Mindful Meditation

What meditation does is provides the key to focus, which is vital for concentration, which enhances learning, improves memory, compiles your personality, while reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation is an extremely old, conventional and a proven remedy for many of our everyday issues in life.

It helps you to concentrate better, while efficiently discarding all the unnecessary thoughts from your mind. It’s thought that just a 15 minute meditation session just once a week, is enough to help improve focus and memory.

7. Get Adequate Sleep

It’s no surprise that the single solution to a majority of problems, is getting adequate sleep. Along with it helping in maintaining a healthy body, sleep is also vital for a healthy and active brain. While asleep, the body and mind recharges, as what it does is sorts and organizes memory.


What sleep does is helps integrate your memory, which creates room for new information. Getting adequate sleep resets your mind, keeps it fresh, making you more open and adaptive to learning and remembering new things.


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